Rosie’s Enchanted Fairy Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Rosie’s 3rd birthday with the an absolutely beautiful enchanted fairy themed party! I cannot believe that the baby of our family is three! As you know I absolutely love children’s birthday parties, especially spoiling my children and their friends with a wonderful day. There was so much excitement in our house during the lead up to Rosie’s special day.

The Theme
When planning a party I like to have a theme as find that it give me direction in the planning, and of course is really fun. When choosing the theme, first of all I come up with some ideas based on what the children like at the moment, and then I give them the options to choose from. We recently visited Disneyland in California where we met Tinker Bell, my girls absolutely loved her, so I knew that a fairy would be very popular amongst them. The children also really enjoyed the movie Pete Pan and Wendy which was recently out of Netflix. They all jumped on the idea of an enchanted fairy theme, so we got to planning.

The Location
As always we hosted the party at our home Palma Soleada, as we have the perfect property for a garden party. We used the grass space at the front of our house for the main party location, and Rosie’s little guests trickled down into the playground and garden throughout the party.

Our party planner
As we have done so over the past few years, we worked with the incredible My Little Party Hire to create the most beautiful party for Rosie. Jasmin has planned seven parties with us now! Each party has been a different theme, and each has been just as incredible as the last. So far she has planned a Malibu Barbie pool party, adopt a puppy party, koala party, mermaid party, baby Bridgeton party, Cocochella themed party and now enchanted fairy!

My Little Party Hire specialises in eco-friendly parties with no plastic and minimal single use products, with an aim to minimise the impact parties can have on the environment. Even the rubbish from their parties is dealt with in the most thoughtful way, to care for mother earth.

Jasmin was there for every second of the party from set up to pack down, and everything in-between. She handmade the stunning decor from wood, plants and natural materials to create an enchanted fairy garden party for Rosie. With every choice that Jasmin makes she thinks of the environment, and she should truely be proud of herself for all that she does, with so much consideration. Jasmin is the most amazing party planner and I can’t believe I found someone who loves parties just as much as me. Jasmin thought of and set up almost everything needed for the party, right down to the cake knife and lighter!

The Fairy Door
When Rosie’s friends arrived at her birthday party they were greeted by a beautiful fairy door, made by Jasmin, which was adorned with bunting (handmade by The Little Shindig Shop) and a bell to ring before entering. Once they stepped through the door they were greeted by Tinker bell! Tinker bell gave each guest a set of fair wings to wear, a floral crown, a cookie (from SweetP Cakes and Cookies,) a stunning wand (handmade by The Little Shindig Shop,) and of course sprinkle of fairy dust.

Craft Activity
Jasmin from My Little Party Hire set up the sweetest fairy door craft for Rosie to enjoy with her friends. The fairy doors were beautifully handmade by Poppy and Daisy Designs. The children went off on a mission, with Tinker Bell’s help, to find their own fairy door in our garden. They then took their fairy doors to the craft table to decorate it with natural products like eco glitter, wooden bees and lady bugs and dried lavender. They each had their own letter from their name to put on the front of their fairy door. The doors became one of their take home gifts from the party. The fairy door craft acitivty was a huge hit, and I love seeing my children’s fairy doors in their bedrooms post party.

Tinker Bell Character
Can you believe that Tinker Bell came to Rosie’s birthday party! We absolutely love engaging characters to come to our children’s birthday parties. They add an extra bit of magic to the day, and also take the pressure off of us when it comes to entertaining all of the children.

I organised Tinker Bell through The Mascoteers who specialise in countless characters from princesses, teddy bears, mouse friends and more. Tinker Bell spent the morning helping with craft, taking pictures with the children, entertaining and dancing with them, and just generally making sure they were having the best time.

The Cake and Cookies
Sweet P Cakes and Cookies provided the cookies and main birthday cake for the party. The cookies were available for the children to take as a welcome gift once they walked through the fairy door! Ellena made them in toadstool, fairy door, flower and butterfly designs. They were absolutely stunning.

Rosie’s cake was just incredible. It was a chocolate cake with a beautiful lavender coloured buttercream icing. Edible flowers were pressed into the design, and a fairy door created for the front, and butterflies all around it. It was such a sweet cake, Rosie absolutely loved it and so did her guests!

Ellena has worked on more of our parties then I can count, and she always blows me away with her creativity and love of making beautiful parties come to life!

Face Painting
Coast Face Painting came along to add an extra element of fun to the party. Face painting is always a great way to keep little ones busy. Bryony was working hard and creatively the whole time painting little faces in her gorgeous designs. I saw lots of rainbows, butterflies and spiders!

The Food
Once the craft activity was cleared Danielle from The Noosa Forager got to work setting up the most incredible graze for the children, along the same table. Oh my goodness her food was just incredible! The children feasted on sushi, sausage rolls, savoury pinwheels, fairy bread, crackers, dip, berries, sandwiches, fruits and more. So much so that there was barely a bite left at the end! Everyone was raving about the food.

The children didn’t get all the goodies though! Danielle also created a stunning graze for the adults on a seperate table. Here we enjoyed cheeses, meats, vegetables, dips, fruits, crackers and bread. There was even a homemade pate.

So many of the items were lovingly made by Danielle and they were also locally sourced. I am still drooling over how incredible this spread was.

Invitations and signage
Little J Design created the most beautiful fairy party invitations for Rosie’s special day. These are now available to download on her website as a printable design. Jess also created personalised tags to go on the party bags that the children took home, she is so clever!

Party favours
We opted against offical party bags this time and allowed the guests to take their wings, wands, crowns home. Of course they got to take their fairy doors home as well, in those paper bags with sweet name tags from Little J Design.

Bunting and Wands
Our beautiful bunting was handmade by The Little Shindig Shop, who creates the most wonderful handmade decorations. Based in Melbourne she can create bunting, tassels, party favours and more, then post them to any location. Her bunting, in lavender and green, was a fun and whimsical addition to the fairy door which the children walked through. The Little Shindig Shop also handmade the fairy wands which were gifted.

My girls wore the sweetest fairy outfits from Oh Mee Oh Mai who made their dresses, wings and Rosie’s shoes. These were the most beautiful outfits I have ever seen my girls wear. Rosie wore lavender and Chloe wore pink. The wings were just exceptional and we will cherish them forever. Everything was so well made and the girls just loved their dresses.

Still by Kaiti was our photographer for the day and all of these beautiful images shared in the blog piece are hers. Kaiti has an incredible way of being there to capture every sweet moment, without needing to pull you away from cherishing it yourself. This is the second time our family has had the pleasure of Kaiti photographing us, and we have loved both occasions. I am forever grateful to Kaiti that I am able to view snippets of the party that I didn’t even see with my own eyes, thanks to her candid shots. The way this special day has been paused in time thanks to her photography, warms my heart.

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Disclaimer – Some of the brands and companies involved in Rosie’s party gifted me their products and the in exchange for images and promotions, however my thoughts and opinions as always are my own.