Baby Bridgerton Birthday

We recently celebrated our beautiful Rosie’s 2nd birthday with the most spectacular Baby Bridgerton themed soiree. I absolutely love children’s birthday parties and spoiling my children and their friends with a wonderful day. 

The theme
At first, I had settled on a different theme for the party, but after stumbling across ‘Baby Bridgerton’ online I just couldn’t help myself. What a delightful and on trend idea for a birthday party. Baby Bridgerton obviously didn’t mean much to Rosie in terms of a theme, but I knew she would love the high team, lady like, princess feel the day would have. I also knew this was most likely the last year that I could be in control the theme for one of our parties!

The location
We decided to hold the party at home on the front garden of our property at Palma Soleada.  Since moving here we have held all our parties at home, as it has proven time and time again to be the perfect space.

Our party planner
As we have done so over the past few years, we worked with the incredible My Little Party Hire to create the most magical party for Rosie. Jasmin has planned five parties with us now, and each has been just as incredible as the last. She was fully on board with the theme, knowing just how much fun we could have with it. 

I have always loved parties and planning them, but as a busy, working mother to three, I simply could no longer do their parties justice. I really like that with Jasmin, you can be as involved or un-involved with the parties as you want to be. She has poured so much time and love into every one of our special days. 

My Little Party Hire specialises in eco-friendly parties with no plastic, with an aim to minimise their impact on the environment. Everything is beautifully made from natural materials and they are very careful with what they use to create the parties. Jasmin even takes the rubbish away, composting what she can and recycling the rest. 

I have so much to thank Jasmin for, as she really does make our party dreams come true. 

The décor
The majority of the decor was provided and set up at our home by My Little Party Hire, with just a few add ins from around my house.

The children entered by walking through a large wooden arch, decorated with daisy bunting from The Little Shindig Shop.  There was a large wooden 2 to mark the entrance. Once our little guests were at the party, they had a hand washing station to keep things hygienic. 

Various rugs, floor cushions and scatter cushions were laid across the grass to create seating and relaxation zones. These were all form Hendeer.  Jasmin used her umbrellas on stands for shade. 

Flowers were a big part of the overall look of the party. They were used to decorate the tables and gave such a stunning, feminine look. 

She also set up a table for the adult’s food, and for the drink urns and a champagne glass tower. There was a sign saying ‘gifts’ next to a basket for the presents to go into. 

The whole party was full of unique and handmade elements which made it extra special. There was so much love poured into the space.

I would have to say that the food, cupcakes and cookies also played a huge roll in the decor for Baby Bridgerton. 

The cake and cookies
Sweet P Cakes and Cookies provided all of the party sweets, perfectly on vibe with our Bridgerton theme. The cookies where set up on the children’s place settings and were so sweet! There were three different styles.

The cake was just Devine. The most beautiful Bridegerton inspired master pieces. Filled with white chocolate and raspberry goodness.

She also provided all of the cupcakes which were places of tiered cake stands and not only looked to sweet, but tasted it too.

Ellena is such an incredible cake maker, she is so passionate and really cares about our parties.

The food
Gather by Bonnie provided the food for the party, which she set up as a graze along the table. Children were able to eat intuitively and as they pleased. Everything was set up in high tea style to suit the theme of the party. The children dined on sandwiches, croissants, pastries, fruits and more. The adults indulged in a beautiful cheese platter. Food this colourful and so beautifully presented serves not only to be eaten but as decor as well. Bonnie has catered for more of our parties then I can count, and every time the food has been incredible quality and very delicious.   

Invitations and signage
Little J Design created the sweetest Bridgerton inspired party invitations for Rosie’s special day. Jess is so talented and even came up with the wording for me. She also created a custom sign for the party decor.

Party favours
I got our party favours from One Little Favour, who creates the most gorgeous eco friendly party favours. Each child was given their gift in their own custom made draw string bag, with their name stamped onto it. In the bags One Little Favour places eco friendly paint, crayons, Australian hers and flowers seed mix, non toxic play dough and stamp and colouring in pages. The party bags start from $10 each and reprint really good value for the quality if what you get.

Activities and entertainment
The children were kept entertained with play dough stations set up by Jasmin from My Little Party Hire. There was play dough with lots of different colours, scents and textures. Of course, everything was eco! The children could mix things like glitter, shells and rocks into their play dough, and let their imaginations go wild. 

We also had two party princesses visit the children. They were form Karizmatik Entertainment. They played games with the children, danced, did magic tricks and just generally kept them entertained. 

I wore a dress from Asos, Chloe and Rosie wore Doll Cake Couture and Ari wore Indie Kids.

Rosie is so lucky to have Nicola Holland Photography not only as one of her Mummy’s besties, but her own God Mother as well! We love and adore Nicola. She took all the photos in this blog. 

I am quite honestly so blessed to work with so a beautiful bunch of small business on these parties. The ladies behind them as incredibly inspiring and always the most wonderful people to share our important occasions with. They pour all their passion, creativity and joy into our special moments. Thank you so much ladies!

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