About me

Hello, I’m Natalie and welcome to This Sweet Life!

First and foremost, I am a wife and stay at home Mother, who happens to also be a blogger and writer. My son Ari is five, daughter Chloe is three and I have a baby named Rosie. I met my gorgeous husband when I was 18 and together, we have built a beautifully sweet life.

I created and designed this platform as my way to better serve my fellow Mamas. My dream is that it will be a place for you to come when you are searching for a sense of community, advice, recommendations or even just a simple recipe. My mission is to share the joys and craziness of Motherhood from a positive heart. This Sweet Life isn’t about my life, it’s about your life too, and creating a ‘sweet one’ together. When you click onto my site, I want you to feel greeted with a huge, warm hug.  

So here is a bit of background information on me… Our family owns a residential construction company on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, which is where my love for interior styling and appreciation for beautiful spaces developed. I seem to have become an expert in turning a house into my dream home, as this is something, we have done many times.  Currently we live in our Palm Springs inspired property called Palma Soleada, or Sunny Palm. I am working my way through styling each room, which is all documented on the blog and Instagram.

My family loves to travel the world and seeks adventure. Whether it is chasing the sun, sea or snow our happiest times are in new and exciting destinations as a family. Having been born in England I have been lucky enough to travel to over 35 countries and many of them more than once.

I am a huge lover fashion! I’ll be honest and tell you that I have lost my sense of myself at times through my mothering journey but am so happy to have found my way back to looking and feeling great!  I believe the what we wear and how we feel has a huge influence on our confidence.  

In 2019 I wrote a book called Remember Mama. It is a positivity poem written to spark joy in the lives of its reader and has be beautifully illustrated. You can purchase my book under the Shop tab, and with every book sold a donation is made to PANDA to help support Mothers with PND. 

This blog is my personal journal which I share with you, in the hopes that it inspires you or gives you someone to relate to. It’s a space for me to explore and discuss my love of motherhood, travel, fashion and interiors, and to write about my greatest passion – LIFE!

So, go ahead and use this space as you please. Search for recipes, read through my experiences, look at our travel tips or browse fashion. If you love this space as much as I do, make sure you are following along on Instagram.

With love,