Adding Texture into our Living Space with Castlery

As you will know we have been working hard on updating our kitchen, dining and living spaces over the past few months. Well, we are not quite finished with the whole space we have been absolutely delighted to add some new furniture into our lounge area. 

We knew that we needed a rug to sit under our existing couch. It had to be something big, as our lounge space covers such a large area. We wanted something with warmth and texture, and that also felt soft under our feet. 

I set about finding the perfect rug and came across some of the Castlery website. Castlery is a modern furniture company that creates a story for every room in your home. They craft furniture that is timeless, using the highest quality raw materials to create pieces that are built for longevity and multi-purpose use. As it is a direct-to-consumer brand without middlemen, they are able to extend honest pricing and affordability to their customers. I loved their range and in particular the Desi Wool Area Rug caught my eye. It was the tones that drew me in, and I really liked the fact that it was a wool rug. I had purchased furniture from Castlery in the past so knew the company well, I was confident that purchasing through them would be a good experience, and that I would be happy with the quality of the product. 

The Desi Wool Rug comes in three different shapes; small, runner and area, and we chose the latter. The area shape comes in two different sizes, we chose the 153 x 244cm, which worked perfectly in our space. It is a 91% wool rug which makes it durable, yet soft, and you can tell by the quality that it is handmade. The earthy tones bring our whole space together and make everything work. We feel that so much warmth and life has been added to the room by having the Desi Rug in our lounge space.

When scrolling the Castlery website, admiring their rugs, I came across the Paloma Bouche Armchair and quite literally gasped when I saw it. This chair is the queen of accent chairs. It comes in Storm Grey and Snow fabrics; we chose the latter. You can purchase them as singles or doubles, we went for two. One of our Paloma Armchairs has been placed in the lounge and the other will go into our master bedroom. It is a playful armchair, with everything going for it. I adore its curves and soft fabric. 

Ordering was a breeze and the pieces arrived to us on time. I was so excited I unpacked them the same day and have been in love with them since. oned on their website.