Another Timezone Birthday Party!

We recently celebrated Ari’s 8th birthday, and for the second year in a row he wanted to have his birthday party at Timezone! You might remember that last year we threw our Nintendo loving boy a party at the same venue. I blogged it here. Well, Ari loved his 7th birthday party so much that he wanted to do it again.

Timezone is the ultimate, arcade style amusement park, with something for all ages! It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s one of our favourite places to go as a family. Our local Timezone can be found at the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore, but Timezone is located in 7 countries across the world.

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Rosie’s Enchanted Fairy Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Rosie’s 3rd birthday with the an absolutely beautiful enchanted fairy themed party! I cannot believe that the baby of our family is three! As you know I absolutely love children’s birthday parties, especially spoiling my children and their friends with a wonderful day. There was so much excitement in our house during the lead up to Rosie’s special day.

When planning a party I like to have a theme as find that it give me direction in the planning, and of course is really fun. When choosing the theme, first of all I come up with some ideas based on what the children like at the moment, and then I give them the options to choose from. We recently visited Disneyland in California where we met Tinker Bell, my girls absolutely loved her, so I knew that a fairy would be very popular amongst them. The children also really enjoyed the movie Pete Pan and Wendy which was recently out of Netflix. They all jumped on the idea of an enchanted fairy theme, so we got to planning.

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Ari’s Timezone Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Ari’s 7th birthday, and what better place for this Nintendo loving 7-year-old to let loose with his friends then Timezone! Timezone is an indoor, arcade style amusement park which offers so much more than your traditional pinball machines. Its emphasis is on family is evident in the variety of games they have…

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