Ari’s Timezone Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Ari’s 7th birthday, and what better place for this Nintendo loving 7-year-old to let loose with his friends then Timezone!

Timezone is an indoor, arcade style amusement park which offers so much more than your traditional pinball machines. Its emphasis is on family is evident in the variety of games they have on offer, which suit people of all ages. Their brightly coloured centres are in not only Australia, but in 7 different countries across the world, but our local can be found at the Sunshine Plaza.

We had visited Timezone quite a few times in the past, and on a more recent visit picked up a flyer with information about their birthday parties. After reading it over with Ari, we knew that a Timezone party would be perfect for him.  Ari also chose a Mario theme for the day, so this worked out perfectly.

They have a lot of different packages on offer which include game time. You can also book a party with laser tag or bowling. We decided on the ‘Extreme Gamer’ package which included 1.5 hours of game time, a meal, drink and points for the children to use to redeem a toy to take home, we also added on a round of bumper cars. 

On the day I was able to head to the venue early and set up, although this wasn’t entirely necessary as the room provided by Timezone was already perfect, I just wanted to give it a few extras. I purchased some tablecloths, plates, cups, balloons and other party extras, and really appreciated Timezone’s flexibility to be able to set up your party how you want to. I also took along our own cake, which was in Mario theme. Timezone do offer their own ice cream cake but are also happy for you to bring your own. We were given our own party host for the day, Paul, he was there to assist us with absolutely everything that we needed. Paul was so lovely and did everything for us, even bringing out a cake knife and candle at the appropriate time. 

Ari invited 19 friends and they all loved they game time. Ari’s favourite would have to be Mario cart. Some parents came a lot and kept an eye on their children (due to their ages,) and they all had such wonderful things to say about the party. Everyone loved it, from my two-year-old daughter up to the Mums and Dads. 

After the 1.5 hours of game time the children were able to choose prizes to take home using the points they had accumulated from playing games. Part of the party package was that each child would have 400 tokens to spend, and the birthday boy got a few more. 

Once they had redeemed their prizes, we headed into the party room for a lunch of hot dogs and pizza, provided by Timezone. I was also able to bring some of my own food. Again, I love this flexibility. The food that Timezone prepared was delicious, and they were able to cater for all allergies and dietary requirements. We were very impressed. 

After we sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cake in the party room, we headed out to the bumper cars for a ride around the track before the party was over. 

This was a truly magical day for all; so much fun for Ari and beyond stress free for me. I would highly recommend a birthday party at time zone, or simply a visit there for that matter!