Rosie’s and Ari’s Joint Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Rosie’s first and Ari’s sixth birthdays with a joint party. Our baby girl Rosie was due to be born on Ari’s birthday, however she arrived early giving them eight days between their special days. Ever since Rosie was born Ari wanted to have a joint birthday party with Rosie. I thought this was beyond sweet and took great pleasure in making all of his party dreams come true.

The Theme
Ari decided that their birthday party theme should be something ‘cute and sweet’ like his baby sister. After a big think about it he declared that they should have a puppy themed birthday party.

The Party Planner
I engaged the help of party planner extraordinaire Jasmin from My Little Party Hire to put together the ‘best puppy party ever!’ This was the third party that Jasmin had organised for us and I knew she would do the most splendid job. As a busy Mother of three I simply don’t have time to put the hours into the children’s parties that I used to, but I always want them to have a magical day. Children’s birthday parties have always been really important to me, and I love to see not only my children enjoy the day but others having fun too. Jasmin believes that ‘Everything can become something magical,’ and that is exactly how I feel about life (and parties!)

Jasmin did literally everything for me with no hassle, barely any questions and with such an organised, calm approach. I felt zerio stress, and I could really just relax and enjoy the day. She liaised with all of the party vendors from food and cake, to party entertainment. In saying that, Jasmin is happy to be involved in children’s parties in all sorts of capacities, she can assist you in your own planning, or completely take the reins.

My Little Party Hire creates eco-friendly parties with no plastic, with an aim to minimise their impact on the environment. Everything is beautifully made from natural materials. Jasmin even takes the rubbish away, composing what she can and recycling the rest.

Her parties are just magical and what a beautiful way to celebrate life.

We decided to hold the party at home on the front garden of our property at Palma Soleada.  

The Décor
All of the decor was provided and set up at our home by My Little Party Hire. Jasmin needed no assistance, and I was able to focus on keeping the children entertained and out of the way of the big surprise.

She brought with her three large, wooden tables with tree stumps for chairs. The tables were beautifully decorated with dried flowers of various colours hanging down from string. Jasmin also set up a table for the adults food, and another for the drink urns (which she also provided,) and the party bags. There was a sign saying ‘gifts’ next to a basket for the presents to go into, as well as a hand washing station for little people to keep there cleanliness up. The entire space was decorated with baskets, vases and dried flowers. Jasmin provided wooden cake stands, platters, cutlery, plates…. honestly everything we needed she had there for us. My favorite decor items were the giant numbers 1 and 6 for Ari and Rosie’s birthdays, and the wooden sausage dog.

Jamsin really took control of the party schedule and ran everything for us. From the craft stations (which I will talk about later,) to when the food would come out, and when we would sing happy birthday. She was so attentive at every moment, she even had a lighter and a knife ready for the cake. I felt like I didn’t have to think of a thing all day and only enjoy this beautiful party that she had created for my babies.

On top of all of the magical decor, Jasmin put together a really fun craft activity for the children. She had a puppy adoption centre set up. The children got to choose a soft toy puppy which they could name and take home. Craft stations were set up on the tables and the children were instructed to make a collar, name tag and lead for their puppies. They could use their creativity with string, ribbons, beads and bells, in all sorts of colours.

Once they had put their puppy on a leash they were able to head to the photo booth station where they could snap pictures with him/her. They could also teach their puppies some tricks like sit and stay, to earn a puppy treat (a dog bone cookie.)

The photo booth area was a big favourite on the day and go a lot of use. Jasmin had set it up beautifully with decorations including tassels from The Little Shindig Shop, which specalises in reusable party decor.

The Food
Gather by Bonnie provided the food for the party, which came out after the children had enjoyed their craft. They dined on croissants, pastries, marshmallows, berries, and other sweet treats. The adults indulged in sweet and savory muffins. Food this colourful and so beautifully presented serves not only to be eaten but as decor as well. Bonnie has catered for more of pour parties then I can count, and every time the food has been incredible quality and very delicious. 

Cookies, Cake and Donuts
Sweet P Cakes and Cookies provided all of the party sweets, perfectly presented in puppy theme. We had two cakes, one each for the birthday boy and girl. Ari’s was a boy puppy in vanilla, and Rosie’s a girl puppy in chocolate and raspberry. Every time Allana creates our cakes I get more complements on the taste then I could ever try to remember. Her cakes really do not only look so incredible, but taste it too.

As well as the cakes, Sweetp Cakes and Cookies set up a donut stand filled with delicious donuts. It was decorated with a dried floral arrangement, and again added a stylish decor element to the party as well.

The final sweet treats to be enjoyed were the sausage dog cookies which were on each place setting when the children sat down for lunch.

Party Favours
As well as getting to take home their puppies, the party guests received an eco-friendly, play based party bag from Seeds For Tomorrow. Our guests had the choice of three different party bags…
Affirmation: 3 x affirmation cards and a quartz crystal. Grow: Affirmation cards, bio pot and peat pellet, herb seeds and growing instructions. Bee: Beeswax sheet, candle wick, affirmation card, instructions. All of the party favors were beautifully and sustainably packaged. I really like giving children something to do rather then something to eat and these little gifts continue past the party.

Giving Back
I wanted to bring a community element into the party, and because Ari has a connection to Guide Dogs via his school, we decided to invite one along for some fundraising. Olli and Yoshi (Olli’s dog,) came to answer some questions from very interested listeners. We had a hat set up with questions in it and the children could draw from the hat. The children were all keen to learn about guide dogs and how the help people who are blind within our community. Yoshi stuck around for lots of cuddles and was an absolute gentleman on the day.

I also set up a donations page for our guests to donate money to Guide Dogs. Ari aimed to raise $400 which he did and more. Olli told me that the money we raised would pay for 5 hours of dog training for a Guide Dog.

My Little Party Hire organised all of the entertainment for us. She had lots of fun garden games for the children to enjoy, including a huge rainbow parachute which Rosie loved! We also had a lovely young girl helping us with the activities on the day. My Little Party Hire also organised a face painter which the children really loved, and I saw a lot of face painted puppies getting around after Ari kicked off a trend!

I found all the children’s outfits from the Ma Mer Syndey. Rosie wore a pink Tutu with Chloe matching in the same dress but in a different shade. Rosie’s shoes were from Lil Soles. Ari wore a gingham shirt which was also from Ma Mer. I wore a hired dress from Glamcorner, the brand as Aje. Ryan wore whatever he put on in five minutes that morning, including his work boots!

We had Diana from Adore Her Photography on hand to capture Ari and Rosie’s special day. I always hire a professional photographer for our parties, because I know for a fact that if it were left to me I wouldn’t have taken a single photo to remember the day by. Having a photographer allows you to just enjoy the moment yourself and not be watching it through a camera lens as well. Diana captured all of the photos that we wanted whilst keeping everything really relaxed and enjoyable.

I say that every party was stress free because honestly with this team of women they are. I thank the stars for their passion and creativity.

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