Skincare Review: ManukaRx’s Pro-Aging Trio

When I first heard about ManukaRx’s Pro-Aging Trio I was instantly intrigued.  I was familiar with the healing benefits of mānuka, and admired the company’s balance of science-based skincare with such a natural ingredient.  Something else that stuck out to me was their focus on sustainability. 

About ManukaRx
ManukaRx have a simple mission, to transform skin, in a natural way.  They focus on skin health, and not cosmetics.

ManukaRx was born in 2017 with their first product, a natural ointment. After incredible feedback they realised the potential for sharing the East Cape mānuka essential oil, and it’s scientifically proven antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-aging properties, with people in countries all over the world. The mānuka is grown in the East Cape in New Zealand, which is the first place in the world to see the sun, and then they share it with the world. How beautiful is that? 

Some Reasons to Love Mānuka Oil

  • Mānuka oil harvested from the East Cape of New Zealand is a particularly powerful essential oil and skincare ingredient. 
  • It is one of the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oils. East Cape mānuka oil is incredibly anti-bacterial. In fact, East Cape mānuka oil is 1,000 times more effective than its honey counterpart, and 20-30x stronger than tea tree oil in combating bacteria. 
  • It has been proven that East Cape mānuka oil can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • East Cape mānuka oil can improve skin thickness caused by sun damage and works proactively against harmful free radicals.
  • Every drop is precious. It takes almost one tonne of mānuka leaves to produce 2 litres of Manuka Oil. 

About ManukaRx Pro-Aging Skincare Collection
The ManukaRx Pro-Aging Collection combines the goodness of East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil.  When East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil work together their superpowers are amplified.

It is made in New Zealand and is scientifically designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, by helping boost collagen production and nourishing the skin with Vitamin C. The whole Pro-Aging Collection is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

The ManukaRx Pro-Aging Skincare Collection is made up of three products:
Pro-Aging Day Cream, which protects your skin throughout the day.
Pro- Aging Night Cream, which gives your skin a dose of antioxidants to help heal and soothe it overnight.
Pro-Aging Skin Oil, which is full of vitamins and antioxidants to assist in the production of collagen. 

ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio
The ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio is the most cost-effective way to purchase all three of the ManukaRx Pro-Aging Collection products. By bundling them together you get a 20% discount. You can buy the Pro-Aging Set as a one off or set yourself up with a regular subscription which offers an even further discount. 

ManukaRx is an ethical, sustainable and community focused company, and not just because their packaging is sustainable. The leaves and twigs of the mānuka are harvested from local farms and there are no chemicals used in the process of extracting the oil. The company has a strong focus on minimal waste, and even the water used in the mānuka oil process is then used to produce the Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser which ManukaRx sells. 

In addition to this, ManukaRx is working with local farmers in the East Cape of New Zealand to create mānuka plantations. To date they have planted more than 1 million mānuka trees, which in turn has created more long-term jobs for locals, allowed the land to be used sustainably and created extra income for local landowners. 

I also want to point out that ManukaRx skincare isn’t tested on animals. 

How To Use the ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio
Morning: After cleansing your face each morning, massage the Pro-Aging Day Cream into your face. Finish off with rubbing a couple of drops of the Pro-Aging Skin Oil into your skin and décolletage area. 

Night: After cleansing your face each evening, massage the Pro-Aging Night Cream into your face. Finish off with rubbing a couple of drops of the Pro-Aging Skin Oil into your skin and décolletage area.

The Pro-Aging Skin Oil is occlusive, meaning it seals in all the ingredients of the day and night creams, and keeps them from evaporating as quickly. Oils can easily penetrate moisturisers, serums, and treatments, but no products can penetrate an oil, which means they need to be applied last. This is very important to remember in the application process. 

My Thoughts
After two weeks of using the ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio I have noticed a considerable difference in the softness and overtone of my skin. Redness that I have been battling for over a year now was reduced, I noticed less imperfections and my skin appeared brighter. 

Furthermore, I love everything about this product. From its playful pink packaging, to the texture of the oil. I encourage you to try it for yourself to see what benefits it brings to your skin. I think the fact that ManukaRX offers a money back guarantee on their products speaks for itself.  They ship worldwide so no matter where you are you can try the benefits of mānuka oil from the East Cape of New Zealand. Oh, and before my Mamas to be ask… yep, it’s pregnancy friendly. (But check with your GP first obvs!)