Palma Soleada Garage Reveal

Late last year we decided to give our garage a huge overhaul. We were completely over how dis-organised and unsightly it looked. After all, our garage was the first room we are greeted by every time we drove into the house, and we were sick of looking at it!

When researching the best garage organisational products on the market we found Pinnacle Hardware which looked like the perfect solution for all of our garage woes. Pinnacle are storage experts in innovative and quality storage solutions, garden sheds, pet enclosures, hardware and fasteners. We were able find everything we needed on their website and purchase through Bunnings online. Everything was delivered to our door, which made our job really easy. Ryan found the pieces simple to put together and they look incredible! Ours is honestly the best looking garage I have seen in a long time! It was obvious to us that Pinnacle Hardware products represent really great value for money. They are perfect for tradies, DIY enthusiasts and anyone who hates a dis-organised garage space.

Our plan was to create a work bench for Ryan, have plenty of space for storage and a mud area for the children’s school bags, coats and shoes.

Here is a list of the Pinnacle Hardware products that we included in our garage revamp, I have linked them all for you:
4 x Garage Peg Boards
1 x Three Tier Industrial Bench
1 x Pack 50mm Hanging Hooks in matt black
1 x XL Timber Top Work Bench
1 x XL Mobile Storage Cabinet
2 x Slimline Cabinet
1 x 5 Tier Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelf

To take our garage to the next level we used Tactix 60L Heavy Duty Storage Box to hide everything away in boxes. As with the Pinnacle products we were able to purchase these from Bunnings.

Prior to the garage revamp our flooring was regular concrete. To give the space a more finished look we decided to polish the floors in the same manner that the rest of the house looked. This made a huge difference to the overall feel of the garage.

Ten tips for creating an organised garage space:
1. Draft a plan of your garage before you get started.
2. De-clutter your garage by removing anything you no longer use or need.
3. Create zones like we did with our work station, mud space and storage area.
4. Keep tools and sharp objects up high or use storage cabinets with key locks.
5. Use boxes to hid things out of sight.
6. Group items together.
7. Use labels to name boxes.
8. Create more space by hanging items or stacking them.
9. Think about using overhead cupboards to create even more space.
10. Think about your flooring and what finish want.

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