Chloe’s Cocochella 5th Birthday Party

We recently celebrated our beautiful girl Chloe’s 5th birthday. If you hadn’t already worked it out, I will let you know that I love spoiling our children and their friends with special birthday parties.

The theme
I have always wanted to throw a Coachella themed birthday party. One of our daughters is, of course, called Chloe and we have always nicknamed her Coco. A few years ago, whilst vacuuming, I had an epiphany… the perfect Coachella party would be called Cocochealla. With a girl who loves all things Frozen, mermaids and Disney, it took a few years to get my idea over the line. I sold it to her by way of unicorns, dancing, tassels, bubbles and beautiful colours… she was hooked on the idea. Chloe became very invested in her Cocochealla party and had a lot of opinions on what we would do at her party.

The location
We decided to hold the party at home on the front garden of our property at Palma Soleada.  Since moving here we have held all of our parties at home, as it has proven time and time again to be the perfect space.

Our party planner
As we have done so over the past few years, we worked with the incredible My Little Party Hire to create the perfect Cochealla themed party. I went to Jamsin with the theme and a few Pinterest images, and the rest was all her.

This was the fourth party that Jasmin had organised for us, and I knew she would blow us away once again with an incredible day. I used to love organising the children’s birthday parties, but as a busy working mother to three I simply could no longer do their parties justice. It has been with great pleasure that I have handed this really important and personal roll over to Jamsin. She has poured her time and love into these celebrations as if they were for her own children. Jasmin believes that ‘Everything can become something magical,’ and that is exactly how I feel about life (and parties!)

My Little Party Hire creates eco-friendly parties with no plastic, with an aim to minimise their impact on the environment. Everything is beautifully made from natural materials. Jasmin even takes the rubbish away, composing what she can and recycling the rest. She ensured that all of our vendors were aligned with her very important mission

In the lead up to the party Jasmin dealt with all of our vendors, and on the day she needed no assistance, I was able to focus on enjoying this special day. Jasmin really took control of the party schedule and ran everything for us. From the craft stations (which I will talk about later,) to when the food would come out, and when we would sing happy birthday. She was so attentive at every moment, she even had a lighter and a knife ready for the cake. I felt like I didn’t have to think of a thing all day and only enjoy this beautiful party that she had created.

I have already received so many compliments about this party, but honestly I can’t accept them as it was all Jamsin. What a magical and beautiful way to celebrate life.

The décor
The majority of the decor was provided and set up at our home by My Little Party Hire, with a few items sourced externally.

The children entered by walking through a large wooden teepee, decorated in coloured ribbons and dried flowers. There was a large wooden 5 to mark the entrance. Once our little guests were at the party they received a hand beaded bracelet, like an admittance band.

Jasmin set up a long wooden table for the children to enjoy lunch on. Their seats were sweet little tree stumps. For shade she set up six large pots from Mimo Pots in bright and beautiful designs. In them umbrellas were planted from Land and Sand. The umbrellas were then decorated with tassel garlands from The Little Shindig Shop.

Various rugs, floor cushions and scatter cushions were laid across the grass to create seating and relaxation zones. These were all form Hendeer.

Jasmin also set up a table for the adults food, and another for the drink urns (which she also provided with iced tea,) and the party boxes. There was a sign saying ‘gifts’ next to a basket for the presents to go into.

The whole party was full of unique and handmade elements which made it extra special. There was so much love poured into the space.

The food
Gather by Bonnie provided the food for the party, which she set up as a graze along the table. Children were able to eat intuitively and as they pleased. They dined on crackers, cheese, marshmallows, berries, and other sweet treats. The adults indulged in sweet and savory muffins. Food this colourful and so beautifully presented serves not only to be eaten but as decor as well. Bonnie has catered for more of our parties then I can count, and every time the food has been incredible quality and very delicious. The adults can never stop raving about the muffins!

Jasmin from My Little Party Hire provided wooden cake stands, platters, cutlery, plates…. honestly everything we needed for the food to be served and enjoyed on.

The cake and cookies
Sweet P Cakes and Cookies provided all of the party sweets, perfectly in Cocochealla theme. The cookies where set up on the children’s place settings and were so sweet! There were floral sunglasses, teepees, flowers and number 5’s. I loved that everything was very chic and feminine for our very girly girl.

The cake was a showstopper! A two tiered Cocochealla masterpiece. The top tier was vanilla and the bottom chocolate, with the whole thing iced and decorated in cookies and chocolate balls. It was beyond perfect.

She also provided all of the mini cupcakes and sprinkles for the cupcake decorating station, which was a huge hit with your guests and our baby Rosie.

I have to say that Ellena is such an incredible cake maker, not only do her cakes look amazing but they taste it too. They are always a huge hit at our parties, with the parents making compliments along the same line, no one can believe how great these cakes are.

The coolest pinata as provided by Piñata Pals who custom creates pinatas. They made Chloe a teepee with Cocochella on the front, decorated in beautiful leafs and flowers. In keeping with our eco vibe the pinata was filled with custom created colouring in sheets, wooden coloured pencils and packets of smarties in boxes which could be recycled. The Piñata was a very well received by the children, especially the birthday girl who had been asking for one for months.

Party favours
Our guests were lucky enough to go home with party favours supplied by Treasured Little Gifts. For the girls we had Fairy Garden Kits and the boys Dinosaur Garden Kits. The Fairy Garden Kit contained a pink miniature bucket filled with rocks, a mini bottle of eco-friendly fairy dust, a wooden toadstool, wooden ladybugs, a wood chip and a fairy figurine. The Dinosaur Garden Kit consisted of a mini bucket containing rocks, a wooden toadstool, a mini bottle of eco-friendly dino dust, a wood chip, coconut husk and a dinosaur figurine. Both were beautifully boxed, to be taken home and enjoyed. Treasured Little Gifts have lots of beautiful options for children’s party favours. I love the idea of giving an activity which can be enjoyed.

Hair, make up and nail tent
A Coachella themed party wouldn’t be complete without festival hair, make up and nails. I discovered Tilly Belle Little Miss Beauty Spa after putting a post up on an online community board. They came highly recommended and now I know why! Tilly Belle offer such a beautiful and unique experience. They come to your home and set up their glamour tent ready to provide hair, make up and nail services. The girls loved this! The Tilly Belle team love nothing more than creating magical memories and this really shows. Tilly Belle also has a space where they can hold parties that their venue.

Activities and entertainment
Tilly Belle provided some entertainment in the way of music, games and fun. The children played musical statues, limbo and more. Taylor was so much fun and I always find it such a blessing to have a dedicated children’s entertainer at birthday parties, so that the adults don’t get caught up in the entertaining.

As well as fun entertainment there were activity stations provided by My Little Party Hire. The first was a teepee with small games to play. There were rocking boards, bubble sticks, hoop toss, a photo booth, bracelet making, and more.

My favourite activity station was the cupcake decorating. Sweetp Cakes and Cookies provided the mini cupcakes and sprinkles. Children were able to choose a cupcake and decorate it as they pleased. It was highly popular.

Fairy floss
We thought that fairy floss would be a sweet addition to the party, so Jamsin discovered Ryan and his talents. Ryan had his fairy floss machine running and supplied our little guests with his sweet creations on sticks. I am so glad we went with this idea, it was my son Ari’s favourite part of the party. Ryan also bagged up fairy floss for the children to take home with them.

We had Diana from Diana Minchev Creative on hand to capture Chloe’s 5th birthday party. I always hire a professional photographer for our parties, because I know for a fact that if it were left to me I wouldn’t have taken a single photo to remember the day by. Having a photographer allows you to just enjoy the moment yourself and not be watching it through a camera lens as well. Diana captured all of the photos that we wanted whilst keeping everything really relaxed and enjoyable.  We never push the children for photos if they don’t want to, but we try out best to captured some beautiful moments in a low key way.

I say that every party was stress free because honestly with this team of small businesses they are. I thank the stars for the passion, creativity and joy they pour into our special moments.

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