Linen Cupboard Organisation

The linen cupboard can often be a room in the house which is neglected, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that until recently, mine was. Every three months I would spend hours organising it, then two weeks later it would be back to the same mess. The biggest issue I found was that everyone else in the family didn’t know where things should go. So I decided to would rid them of any excuse they had!

After some research I found the best storage solutions to be at Kmart. I came across a selection of felt boxes on their website. I like the fact that each of our items could be contained into it’s own box, and I really liked that the boxes had lids. Everything, other than a handful of pillows has been put into these boxes, and now I have been left with a very neat and functional linen cupboard.

I had wooden discs custom made by Timber Tinkers, and then attached them to the boxes with double sided tape. Now there are no excuses for my family to not put something back where it belongs!

Here’s what I bought –
Felt Box with Window – Small
Felt Box with Window – Large
Felt Box with Storage Lid

Large Felt Storage Bag with Window
Timber Tinkers Custom Labels

Good luck with organising your own linen cupboard into a stylish and functional space.