Chloe’s Mermaid Fourth Birthday Party

Throwing a children’s birthday party has got to be one of the most fun and exciting parts of being a parent. I adore putting special days together not only for my children but their friends to enjoy as well.

The Theme
When I asked Chloe what theme she would like to make her party this year, I just knew that her answer would be mermaid. She loves the movie ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and is always swimming in our pool pretending to be one.

The Party Planner
As a busy Mother of three I realised it was going to be near impossible for me to pull off the perfect party by myself, so I engaged the help of Jasmin from My Little Party Hire. Jasmin worked with me on Ari’s fifth birthday party last year and did an incredible job. Jasmin believes that ‘Everything can become something magical,’ and that is exactly how I feel about life.

My Little Party Hire creates eco-friendly parties with no plastic, with an aim to minimise their impact on the environment. They also love all things nature based.

Jasmin can be as involved or uninvolved as much as you like.  She can do anything from hiring out her beautifully crafted party supplies, to organising the whole do, even attending it to make sure that everything runs perfectly. I chose the latter, because like I said this Mama needs all the help she can get!

I simply told Jasmin our theme and she created the most magical mermaid party that I could have imagine. Everything was thought out by her from the decor, to the nature-based craft activity, to the take home party gifts. Jasmin liaised with all the vendors who worked on the party, she also set everything up and ran the party on the day. This left me able to fully enjoy my little girls’ special birthday.

The Décor
My Little Party Hire provided all the decor for Chloe’s mermaid party, and even set it up and packed down on the day. Jasmin made sure that everything was on theme and looked perfect. My Little Party Hire provides unique party looks using their handcrafted wood-based decor.

From the moment the children arrived at the party they were greeted with magical mermaid delights. We invited them to walk through an arch, decorated with seashells and head into the party. There were three low set tables for the children to sit at, two with wooden tree stump chairs and one with pillows (for the tiny ones.) Each table had dry flowers hanging above it, which we dyed in shades of blues, greens and natural tones. Along the middle of the tables were sand (brown sugar,) sea shells, drift wood and star fish. Individual food boxes doubled as decor, as did the ocean inspired cupcakes and cookies. I love the idea of giving each child their own place setting with their own glass to drink from and reusable straw, all decorated with some twine and a seashell, of course. There was also a hand washing station and all rubbish removal was handled (recycled) by My Little Party Hire.  Lots of my friends said this was our best party yet!

As part of your party package you have access to My Little Party Hire’s free downloadable invitation designs.  They have the most beautiful mermaid theme invite by Little J Design.  We simple input our important details and printed them at home on good quality paper. 

We decided to hold the party at home in our outdoor entertaining area.  This way the little mermaids and mermen could enjoy a dip in the pool as part of their fun.

The Food
Gather by Bonnie provided individual food boxes for each child, partly due to COVID restrictions and partly because they are just so sweet. I think that giving each child their own portion of food to enjoy not only looks beautiful but helps stop the spread of germs and makes sure that each child gets to fill their tummies with a variety of food. In the boxes Bonnie put fruits, popcorn, marshmallows, quiche, banana breads, muffins and more. Each box was tied with twine and decorated with a dried flower and a cookie on top. We also had a platter for the adults to get a bite to eat with muffins, watermelon, and berries. Bonnie has catered for more of my parties ten I can count, and every time the food has been incredible quality and very delicious. 

Cookies and Cake
Sweet P Cakes and Cookies supplied all the party sweet treats. There were vanilla cupcakes with green icing, which were adorned with sprinkles and a seashell on each. Cookies cut in the shapes of sea creatures which sat on each children’s food box. Chloe’s birthday cake was chocolate, decorated with a mermaid, other sea life and a big number four. Every single piece of the cake was eaten on the day and our guests said it was the best birthday cake they had ever eaten.

You may remember when Elsa came to Chloe’s Frozen themed birthday party and how incredible Chloe’s reaction was. Well, this year we decided that Ariel should come along. Once again, we asked Jane from A Princess Wish to join us, and honestly Chloe had no idea that this was the same person from the year before. She was completely sold that Jane was Ariel and was even asking her where King Triton was. Ari however has never been fooled but always obliges when we ask him to just go along with this sister’s fun imagination!

Ariel was able to provide entertainment for the children and helped with the craft which they put together. She can bring music and games with her to make sure that everyone is kept having fun.

Jane can come to your party as pretty much any character you can think of from a Wiggle, to Princess Belle or a Ballerina. She is based in Brisbane so is available all over the coast.

Jasmin is so great at organising activities for the children to enjoy. She put together a mermaid potion craft which was all ecofriendly. Each child had their own jar which they filled with seashells, stones, sand, and glitter. They then added bi carb solid and vinegar to make the potion bubble over the top, creating a lot of excitement. The children all had so much fun putting their potions together and were able to take them home.

Party Favours
The children had ecofriendly, play based, party bags from Poppy and Daisy Designs to have some fun with after the party. Helen creates eco conscious party favours and creative kits, with the environment in mind. The children had a choice of two options: Natural Play Dough Mini Bag and a Clay Fossils Mini Bag. Helen played on the mermaid theme by adding in blue eco glitter to the kits for a bit of shine. Each bag contained everything each child would need to engage in a beautiful eco experience, craft activity. We also used the Poppy and Daisy party bags for Ari’s fifth birthday party and the children loved them then too. I have really enjoyed giving the children something fun to take home rather than sweets.

Water Play
What better way to end a hot summers party then in the pool. Once the activities were finished, they got their swimmers on and went for a dip.

I found all the children’s outfits at Seed Heritage. Chloe wore their Mermaid Tutu with a tail attachment that was perfect for her theme. I got the Coral Tee for Ari, in keeping with the under the sea vibes. Rosie wore Broderie Top and shorts. My dress was from Dissh.

We had Diana from Adore Her Photography on hand to capture Chloe’s special day. I am a big believer in hiring a professional to capture special events, not only so you have stunning photographs to remember the day by, but so you can enjoy it in the moment as well! Diana was incredible at directing us to get all the shots we want but also allowing the party to continue as though she was not there.

This was the most stress-free party we have ever thrown, and it is all thanks to the incredible small; businesses who worked on it.   

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