The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Essentials Guide For Travelling With A Baby

Many people feel daunted at the idea of travelling with a young baby, but as long as you pack the right gear, and with a little organisation, it really can be a breeze.

We have been travelling with our little ones since Ari was just nine weeks old. We have taken them to over a dozen countries and many places within Australia. I have always felt confident travelling with my children because I leave prepared.

So, here is my ‘Ultimate Sweet Life Guide To Travelling With a Baby,’ where below you will find a list of my must have items, to help you feel confident as you head off on adventures as a family. Some of the items below contain product recommendations, and the reason I love the brand. I have also included an Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Essentials Check List which you can download, print off and tick off, as you purchase and pack the recommended items. The checklist is much more concise and serves as your practical guide to covering the essentials, but if you are interested in reading all about why I love each product then read on below.

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Suitcase – The perfect little suitcase for children to put their toys in, would have to be a Trunki from The Stork Nest.
Sleeping on the go – Check out CoziGo and Plane Pal.


Travel Cot – Excursion Change and Rock from Joie is the ultimate travel cot. It comes in a pack with a cot, rocker (or bassinet perfect for play and nap times) and a change table. Features include an ultra secure frame, easy set up, 2 integrated wheels to easily move from room to room, mesh lined for ventilation on all four sides, draft resistant, a carry bag and more.

Fitted sheet – I always suggest to pack two.

Comforter – Little ones like to have something familiar with them at all times. I love the Cheeky Chompers Panda Pals Comfort Chew from The Stork Nest

Soother – Great if your baby is used to having something to help settle them to sleep. Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Soother from The Stork Nest is wonderful for sleep association.

Dummy – Bibs dummies from Lluie are my go to.

Dummy chain – These are a must for travelling so that the dummy doesn’t constantly get dropped on the floor. We love the Essential Dummy Chain from Lluie.

Sleep swaddles – Also fantastic sleep association and always a go to of mine whether travelling or at home. We adore Love To Dream.

Baby wraps – Can be used for everything from wrapping baby, to burping, feeding, as a rug or a cover over the pram. Baby Muslin Swaddle Wrap from Lluie has the softest fabric and most beautiful designs.

Baby monitor – We use ours on almost every trip, particularly if we are in accommodation that has a pool and baby is sleeping. We have always used Oricom baby monitors.

Travel black out blinds – These are incredible for helping the baby to sleep past sunrise.


Bath rest – Having something for baby to lay or sit safely in during bath time is very important. We love Skip Hop Moby SoftSpot Sink Bather From The Stork Nest.

Baby toiletries – Just a small bag with the essentials like baby shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, body wash and lotion. Also a baby brush and comb like the one from One Eco Step.


Clothing – If there is no clothes washing facility at your accommodation, I suggest two outfit changes per day. If you have a washing machine you can pack enough to last three days and then rotate.

Change pads – Disposable Change Mats from One Eco Step are very handy for ensuring a clean nappy changing surface when on the go.

Changing table – The Excursion Change and Rock from Joie comes with a change table which can be taken on holiday with you. This is great for driving holidays where you can pack more.

Nappies – I take enough for the first five days and then purchase on holiday.

Wipes – I bring two packs along with me and purchase more if needed.


Baby bag – I find that a back pack is the best baby bag to travel with. It means that you can have your hands free to do things or hold your little people when needed. Skip Hop Clarion Nappy Backpack from The Stork Nest is a fantastic option because it has a lot of pockets, is functional and easy to use.

Swimming nappies – For water destinations I always pack some swimming nappies. There are great reusable options on the market.

Car Seat – Try to find an option at your destination which you are happy with.

Pram – Without a doubt the best travel pram on the market is the Yoyo2 from BabyZen. It is compact enough to fold down and put in the overhead compartment of a plane. This pram is functional and easy to use. It takes so much stress out of travelling.

Pram accessories – For example mosquito nets, rain covers etc, choose ones that suit your pram.

Baby carrier – I always pack mine when we travel. You don’t always know if you will be able to take a pram absolutely everywhere. We have been using the Tula Baby Carrier from The Stork Nest since Ari was born. There is lots of designs but our Tula suits from newborn to toddler age, which is a huge money saver as we don’t have to replace our carrier as Rosie grows.

Pram clips – Great for keeping pram covers on if needed.


Milk bottles – Think about how many you use at home and pack enough for your travels. Always pack spare teets. We love Medela.

Breast pump – I don’t go anywhere without packing my Medela breast pump, and ensure to maintain my pumping schedule when on holiday to support my milk supply.

Breast milk storage bags – As with above make sure to pack these to help support your milk supply. I have always used Breast Milk Storage Bags from One Eco Step. You can also pump a little supply for when you want to enjoy cocktails by the pool.

Bottle warmer – The Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer from The Stork Nest acts as a steriliser as well so is great for travelling.

Bottle steriliser – As mentioned above the Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer from The Stork Nest acts as both a bottle warmer and a steriliser, meaning you pack less!

Food – When travelling you can’t always make home cooked food for your baby so I recommend taking pouches for on the go. I once took a whole weeks worth to Thailand for Ari. We use Organic Pouches and Baby Cereal from Bubs Australia.

Travel highchair – The best travel highchair I have come across is a Multi Seat from Bumbo. You can strap it to a dining chair, wherever you are, for baby to enjoy a meal safely. It is compact as well and includes a built in tray.

Bottle brush – For keeping all of baby’s bottles and dishes clean. On The Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush from The Stork Nest is my winner.

Dinnerware – I pack a small about of dinnerware for my little ones. I love the Bear Plate Set from Lluie for it’s cute design and colours. It also features a suction base to prevent meals being tipped onto the floor. Each Bear Plate Set comes with a fork and spoon, and a draw string bag which is great for packing.

Snack bowls – The Snack Cup from Lluie is a portable snack cup which features a collapsible design which is compact and easy to pack away or take travelling.

Bib – The Silicon Bib from Lluie is a stylish waterproof bib which features a large pocket to catch food that your baby drops. This is great for protecting their clothes whilst on the go. I always have one in my baby bag and take it travelling too.

Drink Bottle – Don’t forget to pack your little ones favorite drink bottle.


Toys – There is a great collection of small toys on The Stork Nest which are perfect for packing. I also love the 2 in 1 Teething Toy from Lluie. It encourages gross monitor, discovery and sensory development. Perfect for car rides or walks in the pram.

Play mat – I have found the perfect play mat from The Nub Store which I always take away with us. It has just the right thickness to it for a young baby to sit and play comfortably. It’s called the Large Drill Mat and comes in a small size as well. The mat is made from hard wearing cotton drill, and can be used outdoors at the park or the beach, it is even pet friendly.

Pram toy – I love the 2 in 1 Teething Toy from Lluie. It encourages gross motor, discovery and sensory development. Perfect for car rides or walks in the pram.

Rocker – The Excursion Change and Rock from Joie comes with a rocker which is perfect for playtime with a small baby.

Pain relief, teething gel, thermometer, nail clippers, band aids, baby nasal drops, baby sun cream, and mozzie repellent. –

Plug adapters and power board – If you are lucky enough to travel overseas you may need to pack for a different socket. Taking a power board is a great idea in case there are minimal plugs in your accommodation and you want to plug in a monitor, bottle warms, phone charger and more!

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