Palm Springs Laundry

To some, a laundry might not seem like the most important room in the house to style, but when you think about it, often it is the most used. With that said it deserves some attention right?

A laundry needs to be functional, with Lots of cupboard space, a well thought through layout, and easy clean surfaces. For the base of ours we chose pretty but practical tiles which are easy to keep clean, a large basin for soaking (or even washing a small dog,) and a rail for hanging wet damp clothing straight from the washing machine. Simple but practical elements to make life easier. Our laundry is a great size and you can even do your ironing in it if you wish.

The sheer curtain from Kawana Flooring Warehouse adds a soft look to the room. It made a huge difference to the overall light and feel of the space as soon as it it was install.

Katrina from De Vere Design Co worked with me to create a soft and beautiful laundry. As always she went surpassed all of my expectations and I am so happy with space. Now my goal is to keep it looking like this!

A note from De Vere Design Co – The laundry is a hive of activity in every home. A place where school bags are left, muddy shoes abandoned and dirty clothes soaked. Even though a laundry is well ‘just a laundry,’ it doesn’t need to feel disconnected from the style of the rest of the house. Here, clever storage by Real Living Homes coupled with easy styling, shows that you can make even a laundry feel like a haven. A stack of clean fluffy towels, natural materials such as a wicker basket and coat hangers, and a pop of gold to inject some colour and comfort. The sheer curtain adds a softness to the entire room. All of a sudden your ‘just a laundry,’ is a perfectly styled room in it’s own right.

Photos by Nicola Holland Photography.

Sheer curtain – Kawana Flooring Warehouse – House Of Drapes, Colour Aura 
Rattan basket – IKEA
Rattan Coat Hangers – Byron Bay Hanging Chairs
Soaps – The Soap Bar
Towels – Adairs
Gold jug – HM Home
Hand towels – Dan Scott
White dress – Dissh
White dress – Bohemian Traders
Ceramics – My local IGA

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