How to get Beautiful Family Photos

I recently enjoyed a Mummy and me photoshoot on one of my favourite Sunshine Coast beaches, Kawana Beach. My husband was suppose to be at the shoot, but at the last minute he couldn’t make it due to work. So, I decided to go ahead anyway and enjoy this special time with my children, creating memories we could look back on for years to come. I absolutely love these photos, they are so natural and playful, and they were taken during the school holidays which is one of my favourite times with my children. I really love that I can look back and remember these beautiful school holidays where I was deep in enriching my children’s lives.

I have be involved in a lot of photoshoots with my young family and one of the important things I do to make sure that we finish up with beautiful images is to relax. Quite honestly the this is the simplest but best thing you can do. Children pick up on our energy if we are nervous, uptight and anxious. If we relax then they feel relaxed too.

I also find that when we are going for a posed image with smiling faces, the best thing for e to do is to look at the camera and keep smiling, and allow the photographer to direct the children. Otherwise, I can almost guarantee that the one photo where everyone else is smiling I will be pulling and ridiculous face.

Another trick I have for when you want a sweet photo with a little one is to play a whispering game. Ask them to whisper a secret into your ear, then you do the same in return. You will get some really sweet, close up photos of your faces nuzzling.

Lastly, keep it fun, play games like tag and just have fun. Natural smiles are the best. Lets your families personalilties shine. I can’t think of anything worse then having beautiful images that look lovely, but conjure up families of forced smiles and frustrations.

These photos are from Payne Photography you can find Stacey’s Instagram here and website here.

Lots of love,