36 Life Lessons from a 36 Year Old

So it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I turned 36, which was interesting to me as I have realised over the past year that in fact I think I am perpetually 27!

Every birthday is a moment to pause, reflect, assess. A mental reflection of where I have been, what I have achieved, where I am, where I want to go, and so on.

So I have been thinking about life lessons, and decided why not make it 36…

  1. You can be the juices peach in the fruit shop but not everyone will like peaches. Not everyone will like you and that is ok.
  2. You don’t need lots of friend you just need good ones.
  3. Don’t waste your time trying to get people to like you, ‘your people’ already will.
  4. Good things grow where energy flows.
  5. Choose where you spend your energy wisely.
  6. People appreciate your presence more than anything else.
  7. Let it go.
  8. Only let people treat you in a way that is acceptable to you.
  9. Have a hobby.
  10. Eat well.
  11. Move your body for your physical and mental health.
  12. Practise gratitude daily. 
  13. Acts of love and service brings joy.
  14. Quality over quantity with you purchases. 
  15. Spoil yourself the you deserve it
  16. Set goals.
  17. Celebrate all of the special occasions big or small. 
  18. Find your therapy. Whether that’s walking, painting, horse riding, or whatever makes you happy.
  19. Have a regular sleep routine. 
  20. Treat your partner like they are your best friend, because they are. 
  21. Fall in love with your everyday life. 
  22. Make your bed every morning.
  23. Have regular clear outs of your home, your heart, your head.
  24. Treat people well. Be polite. Be kind. Be empathic. 
  25. Love the way you look.
  26. Learn to be alone. 
  27. Be willing make sacrifices.
  28. Learn that you are responsible for your own happiness.
  29. Be a dreamer and don’t give up on them.
  30. Travel, seek adventure, seek experiences.
  31. The older you get the faster life goes by. Stop and enjoy the moment and find was to slow it down.
  32. Love yourself on the inside and know that you are enough. 
  33. Don’t compare yourself to others or their lives to yours.
  34. Your friendships will grow and change. You will have friendship for different reasons and seasons. 
  35. Wear a hat and take good care of your skin.
  36. You are here to thrive not survive, so enjoy the ride. 

Lots of love,