Make your #stayathome easter celebration one to remember

Now more then ever it is so important to mark, and make special, the exiciting dates that are coming up in our calendars. Staying positive and trying to stay as in routine as possible does wonders for your mental health. Don’t let social distancing or isolation bring you down, even if you are spending Easter with numero uno, remember to treat yourself and indulge in all that is good.

The supermarkets might not be stocked to the brim, you might be pretty concerned about finances right now, and heading to your local shopping centre is probably out. BUT with a little bit of research and some forward planning, you can make this a special day that you’ll never forget (and not just because of corona!)

This year we will be spending Easter at home, just the four of us (obviously) and I have been dreaming up some yummy treats to make, some sweet little presents to buy the children, cute decor, and a few special deeds we can all do to bring some joy to the lives of those around us.

Easter Recipes…

Breakfast –

Fluffy Bunny Pancakes, because our household loves pancakes on the weekend. I found this super cute recipe from Taste of Home, if you have children they will love it too. There are minimal ingrediants, just keep your eyes peeled for flour over the next week, it seems to be in hot demand!

Morning Tea –

Hot Cross Buns, because who doesn’t love that nursery rhyme. Not always the easiest to make but I found this recipe from All Recipes which has a lot less ingredients then some others. Or you could totally cheat and by yourself a pre-made pack!

Lunch –

Cheese and Herb Quiche, being that Ryan and I are non meat eaters I think this recipe will be something I can prepare in advance and all of us enjoy on the day. Its from Women’s Day and is cost effective too.

Lemony Potato Salad, is another recipe that can be prepared in advance and on the cheap, also from Women’s Day.

Creamy Corn Salad, can be made in only 5 minutes and looks delish! It’s from

Nappa Salad with a Crunch, I thought this looked great for the children, because they always love things with texture. This one is from

Dessert –

Carrot Cake, I am so excited to make this recipe. Ari doesn’t like chocolate cake so I am so happy that this is one he can enjoy too! This recipe from Taste looks amazing.

Sunny Side Up Meringue, I am also really tempted to make these and double up on dessert. Being a sucker for lemon curd they are really up my ally. The recipe is from Good House Keeping.

Easter Gifts

Im really trying not to over compensate and indulge the children with too many Easter gifts. I think the key is to focus on getting some things that they might need; Slippers, pjs, bed socks, a new outfit, some choclates/lollies, a toy each or some craft are a few ideas. Perhaps even something handmade by Mama.

Easter Décor

You can still order sweet Easter décor to be delivered to your front door, from small online businesses. I love pastel colours for this season. Personally I have ordered our party décor from Illume Partyware and chose our pieces from their Easter section. This is also a great tip for a #stayathome birthday. I will be using their paper plates, cups, straws, napkins, confetti, bunting and some balloons. You can check them out on their Instagram too.

Keeping Everyone Entertained

There are so many different options for things to keep little ones amused at home over Easter. We will be starting off with an easter egg and lolly hunt in the morning, an egg and spoon race and then a game of pin the tail on the bunny. You can easily make you own pin the tail on the bunny by draw a bunny on an A3 sheet of paper, then using a bunch of cotton wool as your tails, grab an old scarf to use as a blind fold.

There are also lots of companies who offer Easter craft delivered to your door, this is another way to keep the little ones happy. We recently got an Easter pack from Glitter and Gooop which was so much fun!

Easter Random Acts of Kindness

When you go food shopping for all of your Easter ingredients, buy your check out attendant a bunch of bright flowers, they are working so hard at the moment.

Order some cupcakes or chocolates to be delivered to your local aged care facility or hospital, for residents, patients and staff to enjoy. Check with the manager for approval first.

Make an Easter card and post to the family members who you can’t physically see you this year. Write things like ‘ I think you are Egg – Ceptional.’

Make an Easter basket for your school teacher who is working so hard to change the ways they teach your children and keep them educated.

Write a letter to your local hospital and say thank you for their hard work.

Enjoy and happy Easter.

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