How we turned our pool into a wellness retreat!

If you look at any Palm Springs designed or inspired house there is one thing that stands out to be the hub of the home, and that is the swimming pool. During our design process I remember seeing countless images of bright blue pools with simmering water, flat rooflines in the background and palm trees in the distance.  It was this image that catapulted our love of the Palm Spring vibe, and ultimately what made us decide on this as the theme for our new home Palma Soleada

When we considered putting a pool into our new home there were many questions we considered; what would the design look like? How would the pool be finished? Tile choices? Size of the pool? But there were other questions lingering that were far more important than those based around the aesthetic of the pool, such as can we ensure our pool water is safe from viruses and bacteria? Were we comfortable with our children swimming in a pool full of chemicals and toxins? How much time did we want to spend cleaning the pool? Were we comfortable with the ongoing costs of maintaining a salt or chemical pool? Did we value superior water quality? How did we want the water to look and feel?

Que Theralux, an ingenious pool system designed to reduce pool maintenance time, lessen the cost of monthly pool maintenance and produce healthy mineral-rich, toxin free water! They believe the time of the heavily salted or chlorinated pool is over, and I would have to agree.  

I came across Theralux online and was naturally intrigued by the company stating to have created Australia’s purest and most affordable mineral pool, and I was interested to see how a mineral pool could benefit my family. So, when the opportunity to partner with Theralux came up, it was a no-brainer for Ryan and I and after doing some research, it didn’t take long for us to decide this was the pool system for us.

Here are some of the reasons why we personally chose a Theralux system for our pool and why we have partnered with the brand…

  • It is the only system to naturally remove all viruses bacteria and pathogons.
  • It keeps our family safe from chlorine, UV and Ozone resistant microorganism.
  • The water is sparkling and crystal clear, it feels different on your skin to the chemical alternative.  I feel clean when swimming in the water and when I get out I don’t need to run to the shower to scrub any chemicals off.
  • The children’s eyes don’t sting when they go underwater.
  • It’s great for our hair and skin.
  • Superior water quality, created by rich magnesium minerals which are great for muscle recovery and on any sore spots.….so good after a long day working on the house!
  • The system mimics nature, which means less ongoing treatment and no harsh chemicals!
  • Our monthly costs are lower then with previous pools we have owned.
  • It’s more efficient and eco friendly then salt and chemical alternatives.

Here are the benefits of Theralux straight from the team:

Natural Water

  • Produces pure, fresh water and neutralises what chlorine, ozone and conventional UV sterilisers cannot.
  • Provides a toxic-free swimming experience
  • Combines Photocatalytic & Hydroxyl Radical technology, known by scientists as ‘Natures Silver Bullet; the world’s most powerful and natural oxidiser, exceeding the effects of boiling water.

Powerful & Clean

  • Theralux Quantum AOP Water Purification is the only system to destroy all known viruses and bacteria.
  • Keeping you and your family safe from chlorine, UV and ozone resistant microorganisms.
  • Makes the water sparkle like diamonds like never seen before.
  • Produces a natural floccing agent providing superior water quality.

Good Health

  • Infused with 100% Earth Minerals, rich in magnesium to naturally detoxify the body and mind
  • Can assist in stress relief, circulation, easing of muscle aches & pains, headache relief and maintaining magnesium levels in the body
  • The only mineral pool system with the ability to instantly destroy all viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and like no other will naturally break down oil and contaminants.

Skin, Hair and Eye Care

  • Eliminates sore eyes, itchy skin, discoloured hair and chlorine odours
  • Moisturises and hydrates skin, perfect for those who suffer from eczema and dermatitis.
  • Naturally conditions hair, allowing you to easily comb after swimming.
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Low Maintenance 

  • Self-automated water analysis and balancing, maintaining optimum water quality all year round.
  • Features a ‘set and forget’ chemical free, water purification process.
  • Mimicking nature, requires less ongoing treatment and cuts the use of harsh chemicals.

Smart Money

  • Highly energy efficient for reduction of electricity costs.
  • Reduces the need for chemicals like chlorines, clarifiers and algaecides reducing ongoing monthly costs.

Climate Care

  • Reduces consumption of single use plastics.
  • Huge reductions in requirements to backwash, minimising the wastage of precious water.
  • Uses recycled material.
  • Reduces urban salinity levels.


  • Featuring Pool+ Manager, allowing you to control your mineral pool and spa directly from your smart phone.
  • Blend your pool into your lifestyle with freedom to activate equipment from wherever you are.
  • Simple navigation and control of equipment, timers, heating and lighting. 

When you take a look at our house now and what our original goal was for the property, I think its safe to say mission acomplished.  We have our beautful, big, blue, sparkling mineral pool, our poolside cabanas (which will be completed over the next few months,) that flat roofline and our huge Alexandra Plams we dreamed off.  Our Terhalux pool is the hub and center of our home.  When you walk through the front door you are greeted by it, and this theme is continued through every room in our house.  We wanted to cvreate a resort style/feel home and our mineral oasis has certainly made us acheive that.       

If you are consider a Teralux system its great to know that it can actually be installed on any pool or spa, even existing ones (either the Complete Pool Mineral System or just the Theralux AOP.)  In fact Theralux is Australia’s purest and affordable mineral pool.  A conversion start’s from as little as $250.00 (minerals) and go up to $1,800.00 with the AOP natural water purifier.

For more information on the Theralux mineral pool system you can visit them on the details below:

Stay tuned for our official pool reveal over the next few months over on Instagram.



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