Have you ever thought about the common words that you use in everyday? Have you thought about the impact they have on your day?  Your demeanour?  Your joy?  You life?

Words are one of the most powerful tools that we can use to alter our state of happiness. For 2019 I wanted to focus of my self happiness and making it a priority… I have the same wish for you too.  As step one in my 2019 self happiness action plan, I have begun to remove negative words from my vocabulary and replace them with words that bring me happiness.  I have a  list of twenty feel good words that I started to use, then printed and stuck it in an obvious place at home.  Now I use them all throughout my life everyday, whether through verbal or online conversation.

Love is a mirror, if you give love a lot it will be reflected back to you.  Just as if you expel a positive word through speak, positivity will reflected back.

1. Grateful
2. Devine
3. Blessed
4. Bliss
5. Love
6. Gratitude
7. Heart full
8. Content
9. Heaven
10. Heavenly
11. Fulfilling
12. Hugs
13. Kisses
14. Joy
15. Fantastic
16. Success
17. Plenty
18. Pleasure
19. Beautiful
20. Cherish

Why not take five minutes this weekend to write your own list of positive words?