I often get asked the question, ‘What is your favourite place to take children overseas?” More often than not this is asked by Australian parents taking their little ones international for the very first time.  They are looking for fun for their kiddies yet peace of mind for them, at the same time.

There is one place that always comes to the forefront of my mind when I am asked this question and that’s Bali.  Famous for it’s beautiful nature, stunning sunset spots, exotic beach resorts, amazing people and unique culture, Bali is an island paradise perfect for all generations within the family.

I have travelled to Bali twice; once before children, and once with an 11-month-old baby Ari.  Our family will be heading back to Bali in July this year, when we will visit the brand new Wyndham Dreamland Resort Bali.  We are SO excited to have chosen this stunning hotel to stay at.  Dreamland is the ideal place to stay when holidaying with the family in Bali. This location and resort has everything you need and is easily accessible and safe for families. We have chosen to travel with Wyndham Holidays who I know will take great care of us.

Bali is known to be the most popular overseas destination for Australian families, and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Bali’s proximity to Australia means a short flight time.
    2. Direct travel is available.
    3. The value for money is exceptional compared to many other countries.
    4. You won’t need much spending money.
    5. The Balinese people love children.
    6. There is an abundance of amazing restaurant options to suit all eaters.
    7. If you do your research you can get some really well priced flights.
    8. The resorts are phenomenal.
    9. You can have a brilliant and fun time no matter what season you travel in.
    10. It’s just SO EASY!
  2. Bali is the most wonderful place to start you families traveling journey.  It’s so well set up for tourists and every need as a young family is catered for… So, grab your sun screen and floaties, it’s time for a cocktail and a splash at the pool!

I can’t wait to give a full review of our trip to Bali including our stay at Wyndham Dreamland Resort Bali!

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