From the moment you become pregnant, everything changes.  You start to care so deeply for that little bundle growing inside of you, the little bundle you haven’t even met yet.  New feelings are evoked and by the time your little one is born you begin to care more about it then you do about yourself.  As the years roll by this sentiment doesn’t change,  you live for yourself of course, but you live for your children so much more.  You are living to see them smile, to ensure that they aren’t in pain, to make sure that they are always happy.  A Mother’s job is limitless and never ending.  Even when you are apart from your children  your thoughts are always with them.

While it seems to me that the destiny of a Mother is to always put her families’ needs above her own, I believe that it is important to make sure that we don’t loose sight of our own self care.  The saying ‘You cannot take care of someone else if you are not caring for yourself’ rings true for all Mums.

Self care doesn’t have to be caring for yourself in the physical sense like waxing your legs or going to  get your hair done.  Above anything else it simply means to allow yourself time to do whatever it is that YOU enjoy.  If you have been waiting for someone to give you permission to take that free time then this is it!  I want to encourage you to take the time for yourself, to go for that walk, sit quietly alone, or if getting your legs waxed or doing your hair is your thing then do that!  Banish the Mum guilt that is often associated with taking time for yourself.  Putting your best self forward requires intentional choices for busy Mothers, even if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting yourself first from time to time.  It is possible to feel healthy, feelgreat, and live a joyful life, all while juggling a family and possibly a career.  The key is to intentionally make that time for yourself through purposeful choices.  The simple truth is that you cannot neglect self care!

But how do you do it?  How to you manage self care and fit it back into your life?  For me I like to give myself a mini spa.  By doing this at home I find there is a greater likelihood that it will actually happen!  I am able to squeeze it in during lunch nap or when the children are in bed.  I run a nice warm bath with bath salts, light a candle and put some music on… bliss!  You might be thinking “I don’t have time for that,” but you do, you have to prioritise it. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and enjoy a moment of peace alone.  Put yourself back on your to do list.

Recently I was lucky enough to choose some products from Candle Gifts and wanted to share my top picks with you.  I’ll be using these for my next ‘Self Care Mini Spa.’
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Peppermint Grove Bath Salts
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Peppermint Grove Soy Candle
Ecoya Hand and Body Lotion
Napli Beach Soap
Peppermint Grove Hand and Body Wash

A note on Candle Gifts –
Candle Gifts are an Australia company located in Victoria.  Their website is full of self care options and gifts that can be delivered direct to your door.  They have the  largest and most diverse range of candles in Australia with the majority of their candles, melts, hand creams and essential oils being made here.  When you’re on their site buying something to  implement into your self care routine, why not get your Christmas shopping done too, click here and use the code SWEETLIFE5 for 5% off and free shipping!

1. Squeeze in lunch with your friends.
2. Go for a walk before your partner goes to work in the morning.
3. If you work in an office take your lunch outside and sit on the grass.
4. Go to bed half an hour earlier and read.
5. Stay connected with yourself by pursuing a hobby.
6. Wake up half an hour before your kids and enjoy some me time.
7. Schedule me time in your calendar, this will hold you accountable.
8. Take it in turns with a friend to look after each others baby for a couple of hours each week so that each of you gets some free time.
9. Make yourself a healthy meal that you love.
10. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are.

Details –
Images taken on the beach – Laine Tribes
My make up – Jenna Turner
My dress – Piper and Me
My Hat – Seed Heritage
Chloe’s Dress – Piper and Me
Chloe’s Hat – Fini the Label
Ari’s Suit – Millk
Beach Bag – Adorne

A big thank you to Candle Gifts for sponsoring this post and supporting Mamas like me in their self care journey.