‘Me Time’ with Tea & Wine

In search of the perfect way to relax and have some ‘Me Time’? Then here is your answer!

As a mother, ‘Me Time’ is something that I am always striving for. Little moments of quiet and still, and time to re-coop in peace. For me, ‘Me Time’ can look very different depending on what I want to achieve from it. Two of my favourite ‘Me Time’ moments are either when I take a quick five minutes for myself to relish a cup of tea, or when I organise a catch up with my girlfriends and enjoy nibbles, great wine, and chat about life. These daily and weekly rituals have become key components to keeping me happy and fulfilled as a mother and woman. Never underestimate the value of ‘Me Time.’

Well, would you believe how elated I was when I heard that there was a product which combines both of my favourite ‘Me Time’ moments! 

Tea & Wine is a wine that has been carefully and subtly created by infusing the delicate notes of some of our favourite teas into a beautiful wine. It doesn’t surprise me how delicious this product is, of course, tea and wine are two of the world’s most ancient and well-loved beverages. Both rituals have been brought together to produce an alcoholic beverage which really does taste like both tea and wine! One of the reasons that the founders of Tea & Wine created their product was to encourage people to make more time for themselves. “You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is important to make some time for yourself, particularly at the end of a long day.”

There are two varieties of Tea & Wine available…

Unoaked Chardonnay infused with organic Egyptian chamomile blossoms. (My favourite!) – A floral and fragrant palate with a backbone of golden apple and citrus from the Chardonnay grapes are enhanced by the infusion of organic Egyptian Camomile blossoms that introduce a bright aroma with a touch of balanced sweetness.

Cabernet Sauvignon infused with organic Sri Lankan Chai tea – Aromas of dark berries and bay leaf from the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes combined with the aromatic, traditional Chai spices ginger, cinnamon and pepper.

Not only does Tea & Wine taste amazing, but it looks incredible too, with its bright and bold labelling. It would make such a beautiful and much appreciated gift.

‘Me Time’ moment tip – If you are struggling to fit moments of ‘Me Time’ into your daily or weekly life, try scheduling them into your calendar, phone or diary. Aim for at least one short moment per day, and one or two longer moments per week.

Both the Unoaked Chardonnay infused with organic Egyptian chamomile blossoms and Cabernet Sauvignon infused with organic Sri Lankan Chai tea, are available at selected Dan Murphy’s for an RRP of $22.00 AUD. 


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Spring Statement earring trends that you don’t want to miss!

Spring is without a doubt my favourite season to style, and the current trends for 2019 are not disappointing! I mean it’s Spring… which means it’s time to have even more fun with fashion!

Accessories can make or break a look. They can bring you from night to day, and night to day. They can enhance the body and facials features that you love, and even detract attention from places you don’t want it.

From dripping crystals, to gold sea sells, vibrant graphics, and beautiful colours… It’s time to be vibrant, get playful and unapologetically bold in our choices!

Earrings are without a doubt my favourite way to accessorise a look. They can completely change an outfit, and really draw attention to you face.

So let’s explore some of my favourite earring trends for 2019. I have included easy shoppable links, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and receive a list of up to date discount codes!

Dripping – Layers of tassels, diamanté’s and metallics. Drips add length to the neck and help excentuate it. The pair above are called Gold Acrylic Flower Cup Chain Hoop Earring and are from Lovisa.
Peach – My favourite colour this season would have to be a juicy peach tone. Matched with an all white outfit and a bronzed glow, a look like this will see you through into Summer. This pair is from Lovisa and is call Pink Acrylic Swirl Oval Earring.
Thin Drops – A thin drop earring really elongates the neck and slims the face. I particularly like these Diamanté Star Drop earrings from Adorn and think they would look extra special for a sparkly Christmas!
Geometric – Jewellery which resembles an architectural structure is huge at the moment. These Rose Gold earrings are extremely on trend. Geometric Rose Gold Rubber Drop Earring from Lovisa.
Flowers – Florals were made for spring right? There is no exception when it comes to jewellery. Pretty petals in gorgeous pastel and bright floral tones scream Spring to me. These Bead Centre Floral Earrings from Adorn are perfect for this season. tSpringtime.
Pearl – The glistening look of pearls has been hot for successive seasons now, and has continued its rein into Spring 2019. Personally I love pearls mixed with gold, and am obsessed with these Clio Pearl Diamanté Tear Drop Earrings from Adorne.
Palm Springs – From fashion, to vacations, to home decor, Palm Springs is everywhere at the moment. These Beaded Palm Trees from Adorne are so much fun and I can see myself wearing them by the pool even through to Summer!
Art Deco – I am a long time lover of Art Deco pieces and I particularly love this fan style. They are simple enough to add to a casual look or can be dressed up for the evening. Jewelled Fan Stud by Adorne.

A big thank you to Adorn and Lovisa for providing the pieces featured on this blog post so that I may share them with you all.


Gratitude is more than just a #

What does the word gratitude mean to you? How does gratitude feel? Is it more than just an Instagram caption with a hashtag at the end? Is it more than a few lines in a journal once a month when you can remember? Is it just saying that you’re grateful and not really feeling it? Or are you someone who had mastered the important art of being a grateful person?

In my opinion gratitude is the most important thing you can practise and is the core of a happy life. It is a marathon, not a race, and needs to be worked on everyday. A life of gratitude, is a life of self fulfilment and personal happiness. Gratitude helps to create a balance between your body and your spirit in a way that they work together in harmony. If the mind is ungrateful the body is punished. Without gratitude we worry and we have doubts, and it is worry and stress that lead to sickness and illness. If we live a negative life of stress this can manifest into our bodies.

To live a life of true gratitude is one of my life goals. It is not hard to find things to be grateful for and is as simple as being grateful for the fact that you are alive today. Or for the fact that the sun was in the sky when you woke up this morning, or that it set at night. That you have good clean water to drink and food to eat. It sounds cliche but you can simple be grateful for today.

Lately I have found myself feeling like I am not grateful. It wasn’t that I was actually acting ungrateful or necessarily being an ungrateful person. It was just the fact that I was not being grateful for the things that I did have, and paying gratitude for them. I was thinking of the things that I didn’t have and focusing on the fact that I didn’t have them yet. I have so many things to be grateful for, and as soon as I stopped to think for even five seconds I realised that.

So the fact of finding things to be grateful for isn’t the difficulty, but the hard part is actually practising being grateful on a day to day basis.

In particular recently I had been focusing on my desire to have a third child, and the fact that this might take more time then what I would like in my ideal world. I had been so focused on that third child who doesn’t even exist, that I had forgotten to be grateful for the two healthy and happy children that I do have. To thank the universe, god or whoever for the things that I am grateful for. Isn’t that already a better place to live in, where I am grateful instead of full of worry and sadness.

So I had a realisation that this is something that I need to work on. I know so many people in my everyday life who need this same reminder. I see them acting negatively, and focusing on the difficult or challenging parts of their lives then all of the amazing bits in front of them. Perhaps you do this too? I’m not going to tell you how to be grateful and I’m not going to tell you the things that you can do to practice gratitude. I simply want to remind you to be grateful today, just as I have needed this reminder lately.

So… what are you grateful for today? Think about the, then think about them again tomorrow. I PROMISE you and your life will be happier for it.


Note – my outfit in the photo above is from the gorgeous Bonnie and Harlo

My no brainer list of must have travel essentials for holidaying with children!

Without a doubt the question I am asked most is ‘how do you make traveling with children look so easy?’

I am not going to pretend to you that it is a walk in the park.  We all have our days, we all have our moments.  I still remember the reality check of our first family vacation and the sudden realisation that things were ‘different’ now.  Call me crazy but I wouldn’t swap back to those lazy beach days, and genuinely love the beautiful chaos of travelling as a family of four.

With that said, there is a small but non negotiable list of travelling essentials which I ALWAYS pack for our trips.  These items are guaranteed to make holiday life easier!

Each store in linked for easy shopping…

CoziGo – The CoziGo is a dual purpose cover which can be used on both airline basinets and prams.  It provides 97% light blockage, so that babies and toddlers can fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.  The fabric is UPV50+ keeping children safe from the sun, and is 100% air permeable to allow air to flow freely through the cover.   The design is a universal fit meaning it works on all strollers and most airline bassinets.  This is a simple and far more effective (and much safer!) solution to draping blankets over a pram.  I love that I can not only use this during travel but also on my pram at home.

Plane Pal & Packing Pal – Pane Pal have two incredible products; the Plane Pal and the Packing Pal.  Both products massively enhance your travel experience whether in a plane, car, camper van or bus.  The Plane Pal is a custom designed inflatable cushion which fills the space between your own seat and the seat in front of you.  This creates a bed like arrangement making sleep time so much more inviting.  We have one each for Ari and Chloe, and when they let me I sneak my legs up on it too!  The Packing Pals are mesh packing shells which help you to effectively pack and organise your suitcase.  I use a system of packing tops in one, bottoms in another and so on.  They com with a separate bag for shoes and another for dirty laundry.

Very Busy Bag – The perfect take anywhere entertainment for busy and time poor parents.  The Very Busy Bag is vital for keeping children entertained during travel.  It can be used on planes, car trips, trains, buses, in hotel rooms, you name it!  Each bag is filled with age and gender appropriate toys, activities and games for little ones to enjoy whilst on the move.  There is so much variety in these bags, Ari and Chloe’s kept them entertained for three weeks in Europe!  There are straps on the back of the bag so that older children can carry it themselves. My favourite thing about it is that the Very Busy Bag provides screen free time!

Bubba Bump Baby Bag – After lots of trial and error I have found the perfect solution for hand luggage when traveling with little ones.  A back pack is hands down the way to store all of your essentials.  This way you hands can be free to manage children, negotiate customs and all the other busy parts of airport travel.  The Bubba Bump Baby is the baby bag I chose to use not only when traveling but also at home, which means I don’t have to purchase addition items.  Its also great to use for day trips, once we have arrived at our destination.  This bag is luxurious, stylish, and many pockets are perfectly positioned to store all of those quick grab items like dummies, bottles and comforters.

Nordic Naturals – Staying healthy whilst travelling is key to the success of all holidays because no one wants to be sick on a trip!  Nordic Naturals is made from purified Cod Liver Oil, which benefits multiple body systems including brain, eye, heart, bone and joint health.   It also aids in overall energy and  vitality, which is so important on busy holidays.  Nordics Naturals have products to suit both adults and children, lots of which are naturally flavoured to test delicious.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive my exclusive discount codes PDF which includes some of the brans listed above.

Now that you have all of your travelling essentials its time to book your next family holiday.


Thank you to the wonderful brands mentioned above for sponsoring this blog post so that I can share our favourite products with you. My opinion is of course and always is my own.

The current hair accessory trends that I cannot get enough of!

I have to say that I am all for the incredible hair accessory trends that 2019 has produced.  Clips, headbands, wraps, you name it… my accessory cupboard is stocked to the brim with the latest hairpieces to complete all my looks.

Today I wanted to share with you five favourites that I am head over heels for now!   All these pieces are easy to use yet look great.  I wanted to show you items that don’t require a lot of time, rather choosing ones that make your hair look amazing with minimal effort.

Before I get into it I wanted to thank Neutriderm for sponsoring this blog post.  Neutriderm is my chosen haircare solution which leaves my hair strong, soft and shiny.  I use their hair in Hair Enhancer Shampoo and condition.  Both are perfect for women who might have hair loss issues, so are perfect post pregnancy and breastfeeding.   90% of people notice less hair breakage within one month of use.  Both products deeply penetrate and nourish each strand of hair to protect and improve the overall health of the hair.  In times where I my hair suffers from dandruff, I do one wash with the Enhancer Shampoo and the second with their Anti Dandruff option, before conditioning.  I have linked below both products that I use.
Shampoo – https://uaspharma.com/shop/neutriderm/hair-enhancer-shampoo-250ml-bottle/
Hair Enhancer Conditioner – https://uaspharma.com/shop/neutriderm/hair-enhancer-conditioner-250ml-bottle/
Anti Dandruff Shampoo – https://uaspharma.com/shop/neutriderm/anti-dandruff-shampoo-120ml-bottle/


Also a big thank you to Lovisa for providing the hair accessories for this post, I have also linked them in the images below, to make shopping easier for you!

  1. Paisley Print – I have long been obsessed with paisley print.  Scarfs are so versatile, you can get creative and use them as a choker, hair scarf, bag tie, or wear as a wraparound top!

2. Serpent – I am seeing snacks everywhere now.  Whether its snake print patterned shoes or clothing.  Or serpents adorning rings, earring or hair clips.  This three pack features a pearl, snake and glittery acrylic hair clip.

3. Turban – I practically love turbans as a poolside accessory paired with a cute one piece bikini.


4. Velvet – I absolutely adore this fabric, whether as a dress, top or headband velvet is super lux.  this hair accessory is the perfect way to complete your event ensemble!  This headband boasts a pink velvet pleated design.


5. Mini Butterfly Clips – Whether you are heading to brunch, a wedding or just wanting to look glamorous for a party, this hair accessory is the perfect way to complete your event ensemble!  This pack comes with 4 acrylic hair clips in a variety of designs




Thank you to Neutriderm for sponsoring this blog post so that I can share some of my very favourite products with you.  My opinion is of course and always is my own.  #AD



The night time routine that changed it all!

Whilst we were away on holiday, without the children, we had time to do a lot of things, including of course… talk about our children!  We spoke about how much we love them and how much we miss them.  What we also spoke about was how disappointed we were in our current night-time routine and the changes we could implement for the better.  From the day Ari and Chloe were born I had always prided in a stellar routine.  Yes, I was a routine mum, and I honoured that routine like my life depended on it.  As a result, I had babies and toddlers who slept well, fed well, and I generally knew what we were going to do at each moment of each day.  You guess it, spontaneity is not my strong point!  Though in recent months I had let our routine slip… And now I was paying the price. Poor is at the dinner table, late nights and battling with getting children to bed.  All because I had been too busy to stay on top of the routine that we had previously put in place.  Having time away from the children made me realise how much I appreciated my routine of the past, and the way that it had fit seamlessly into our lives.  So, it was time to make a change… Since getting back from holiday and implementing our routine we have had such success with getting the children to sleep on time, and reclaiming moments as a couple and as a singular people in those night time hours. So, I wanted to share our bedtime routine with you in the hopes that it might help someone in the same situation that we were in.

Daytime – First of all a good night time routine begins with the day time.  Our children wake at about 6.30 to 7 am which means that Chloe’s naptime must happen from 12 until two, or at worst from one until three.  She still needs two hours sleep a day or she gets cranky in the afternoon.  So, for her nap she must be awake by 3 pm in order to go to bed nicely in the evening.  I organise to have lunch ready and her eating by 11 o’clock so she’s got time to enjoy the meal and digest her food before going to bed.

TV Time – We had found that our children had started to watch too much TV, they were asking for it all of the time especially in the evening and this was dragging out at bedtime.  We decided that we would no longer have the TV on during our mornings or days, and it could only be watched at night time for 20 minutes.  For us this is more than enough TV and has created a happy balance where the children look forward to watching a TV show of an evening.  This is except for Ari watching a Disney movie once a week when Chloe is asleep and he’s home.

Night time – 5.30pm – At this time we all sit down to have dinner together. Prior to implementing the routine, we were having the children eat their meals in front of their TV on their own table, whilst I walked around the house doing chores.  As much as I valued this time for getting things done it just wasn’t working.  They were spilling food, things were going all over the floor, they were very distracted and not eating properly, and I often look over and they would be jumping on the couch!  It wasn’t until I started implementing eating dinner at the table as a family that I realise how important it is. Now we have conversations, we talk about our day, the good and the bad parts of it.  They eat their food, they use their manners. They must ask to leave the table when they’re finished and then go straight to wash their hands.  We also get them to be involved in setting the table for dinner.

6pm – At this time they chose a TV show to watch together while I tidy up the table. 

6.30pm – We start bath or shower time, which is quick as we don’t want to waste water and they would drag it out if they could.

6.35pm – We dress them, and they get to choose a book each to read for the evening.  We have a huge library of books to pick from, and I try to mix it up, but there are favourites.

6.45pm – At this time we get them to go to the toilet and we brush their teeth and comb their hair.  Then we start to wind down with either a massage or a back tickle.  We make sure that we aren’t in the room when either of them falls asleep as we want to have them independently falling asleep completely by themselves.  Otherwise we find this creates a bad habit, and they continue to want us into their room as they drift off.  My favourite part of the night time routine is when I jump into Chloe’s cot to give her kisses and cuddles and we talk about our day.

7pm – By this time both children should be asleep.  Of course, sometimes this does drag out, but I find it as long as we stay on top of it then we don’t have any issues.  Now we get to enjoy our evening together, perhaps do a little bit of work or do something for ourselves.

I find the most important thing with a night timer routine is to stay consistent.  Do the same thing every night and don’t stray from it.  Especially with Chloe, if you give her an inch, she will take a mile, so to speak.  So, we have them sleep with the same teddies every night, sing the same songs etc.  Of course, we do all sorts of new things in the day, but at night we keep it simple. 

I hope that this blog post has helped you in some way if you are struggling with your own routine. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Instagram.



Everything you need to know about the Bubs IMPROVED Australian Goat Milk Formulation

Bubs Australia has a NEW and IMPROVED Goat Milk Formulation and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.  We’ve been apart of the Bubs Australia ‘family’ for over two years now, and I have always been extremely honest in my reviews for this incredible Australian company.  In fact you may have seen my recent blog post Everything we love about Bubs Australia Toddler Goat Milk.

Bubs sell three stages of milk product.  Stage One is suitable from birth to six months, stage two is perfect for up to 12 months of age, and stage three from 12 months up to 36 months.  All of the stages of milk products are fantastic at naturally supporting gentle digestion, particularly for littles one with sensitive tummies.   Bubs Premium Australian Goat Milk formulation contains DHA (so important!) and ARA from plants for improved tastes.

So what’s makes the new formulation of Bubs even better? 

Bubs are known to continually strive to improve their products by always staying up to date with the latest industry best practices.  All three of their Goat Milk Stages now include MORE Omega 3 (DHA), Omega 6 (ARA), and Prebiotics (GOS).

They have also adopted a single step process, whereby the farm-fresh goat milk and other enriching ingredients are combined in an efficient and time-saving way.  This provides a better taste and enables the Formula to be delivered to their customers faster.

On top of these new improvements there are so many other reasons why I choose to give Chloe Bubs Australia Toddler Goat Milk.

  • Bubs is the only Goat Formula that’s made in Australia using Australian goat milk!
  • It is made with fresh goat’s milk.
  • They use only the best ingredients.
  • It is naturally easy for the body to break down.
  • It’s certified organic.

Bubs Australia don’t just provide exceptional quality Goat milk products, they have a whole range of organic products available, from baby formula to cereals, food pouches and rusks.  Ari and Chloe have tried them all and as a Mum I highly recommend them.

You can read more about my ‘love affair’ with Bubs Australia here…

Bubs Australia products can be purchased from Coles, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and online here.  For more information on the Bubs Australia range visit their website or Instagram.

As always please remember that I am not a midwife, lactation consult, nutritionist, doctor or any other medical expert.  I am just a Mother expressing her journey and opinions.  Thank you to Bubs Australia for sponsoring this blog post so that I can share one of my very favourite products with you.  My opinion is of course and always is my own.  #BUBSPARTNER

Ari’s fourth Birthday Party – Circus theme

Recently Ari had his fourth birthday and we enjoyed a week long celebration including a trip to Sea World AND a Circus themed birthday party held at our local Strawberry Fields.  Ari had THE BEST time, and so did I putting it together for him!  I am big on birthdays, not only to celebrate another trip around the sun, but also that we all survived the year together as a family!

The Theme
Ari had total control of choosing his theme and venue for his party this year.  He loves the movie Dumbo so wanted to have a ‘Circus’ themed party.  To me it was an extra special theme for him to choose as Dumbo was the first movie that my Grandad watched in the 1950s, and he still watches it with Ari today!  When I searched ‘circus theme parties’ on Pinterest I found one particular image that I loved, and based the colour scheme on  that.

The Invitations
Jess from Little J Design put together the invitations from concept, design to completion.  I didn’t even have to send an idea to get her started! They were bright, playful and fun.  I love posting out proper invitations because I know how excited children get when they receive them in the mail.  Jess is truly amazing and I am forever grateful for her talents.

The Venue
As I mentioned Ari had control over the venue for his party and he chose our local Strawberry Fields.  Ari’s birthday comes around just as strawberry season commences and it is by far his favourite fruit.  We also had a strawberry themed party for his second birthday, at the same venue, which you can read about on my blog.  At the time of writing this the fields don’t charge a fee to host a party on their property.   The venue is stunning with plenty of patches, a shop, playground and a cafe.  It really is an incredible spot to host a birthday party.

The Food
Earlier his year I wrote a blog post for Chloe’s second birthday party, where I wrote about how I outsourced the food preparation for the first time ever.  I also wrote that I didn’t think I would ever prepare all the party food again and I was spot on!  Once again Sharni from Grazing Acres put together the most delicious spread of food including crackers, drips, cheeses, different fruits, meats, pretzels and more.  The budget was perfectly on point, with only a small amount of food leftover for us to eat for dinner that night.  Outsourcing your food prep really is a no brainer, and if you are close to the Sunshine Coast you must check out Grazing Acres.   Not only did Sharni produce the most amazing party spread, but she styled the entire table using items that I had bought and provided including the decor.  I will write more about this below, but one thing I did learn from Sharni is how food can be used as decor and to create stunning table scape.

I also borrowed a donut bar from a friend and filled it with delicious donut treats.  I wasn’t sure if these would get eaten but every single one did!

The Cake
The incredible Ange from Ange’s Cakes put together a charming white chocolate Circus themed birthday cake.  Ange has been baking all our cakes for 18 months and every single one has gone down a treat!  Ange also made 12 sweet little cupcakes which had circus animals jumping through hoops on them.  Th concept, design and creation of the cakes was all Ange.

Ari’s cake topper was from XOXO Design which is where I always get our cake toppers from.  Again, I had no input into the concept and design.  I love working with suppliers who are passionate about what they do and watching their creativity unfold.   The topper had a gorgeous circus tent on it as well as Ari’s name and the number four.

The Sweets
I also organised custom chocolates from Print and Party, who had the perfect deign for us!  They were customised with Ari’s name on them.   There are countless flavours of chocolate to choose from and you can even select the colour of the foil wrapping.  All of this came be done from their website.

The sweetest circus themed cookies were handmade on the Sunshine Coast by Sweet P Cakes and Cookies.  I love to support local where I can, so this was very special to me.  All the cookie designs were in theme with the party and included fairy floss cones, circus tents and entry tickets.  The cookies were a huge hit at the party because they tasted and looked amazing!

Party Favours
We had two party favours this time.  The first was from Cloud Theory Marshmallows who put together gorgeous wrapped Marshmallows on a red and white sticks.  They looked so cute on the table and really lifted the decor.  Of course, the marshmallows taste fantastic too!   Each gourmet marshmallow was handcrafted and came in the mail from Adelaide with no issues at all.  The wonderful woman behind Cloud Theory Marshmallows is just so passionate about her work, I love it.

Secondly, we purchased an empty punnet for each child to go and pick fresh strawberries from the patch to take home.  This made me feel a little better about all the sugar they consumed… Life is all about balance right!

The Decor
My biggest tip when decorating is to choose one statement piece and put your budget into that.  We chose to do a gorgeous balloon garland from Party Planet again because I was so thrilled with how Chloe’s turned out earlier this year.   I sent Kelly my Pinterest photo and let her create.  She is such a passionate and beautiful person.  If you are close to the Sunshine Coast you really must check them out, they even deliver and do the set up too.  This time we collected the day before and the garland only took 5 minutes to set up, it was so easy!

As the party was outdoors I needed to create a beautiful backdrop, so I ordered a custom screen from Be Branded.  Little J Design provided to concept to Be Branded’s specs and then it was printed.  The idea was perfect and can be used for future parties as we opted for no wording on this one and a simple design.  The cloth attached to a gazebo and was great for providing shade and also as a wind barrier.

Be Branded also supplied a custom cut out for children to have their photos taken with.  It was a sweet little lion design. This not only added to our gorgeous decor but provided a lot of fun fir the children too.

As I mentioned before Sharni from Grazing Acres came up with the whole table concept.  I love that she set the tables up as a square because I am so used to doing them in a normal L shape look.  She is so talented, and I am truly grateful for her creative eye, watching her work her magic on that table was a dream.

Things like the paper plates, cups, popcorn cups and napkins were all purchase online.  I had a photo of Ari at ages newborn, one, two, three and four that I printed and put into white frames.  Jess from Little J Design made me a sign to let guests know to take a party favour home, and made a cute ‘Roll up Roll up’ printable for me too.  I placed vases on the table and filled them with red and yellow flowers that I purchased from Aldi for only $25.  There were plastic animals scattered throughout the table, party hats and a sweet little Ferris wheel puzzle that I made with Chloe.   Whenever we have a party I always go through our home to see what decor might work with the theme.  This time I pulled a few large animals from Ari’s jungle themed bedroom and popped party hats on them.

The beautifully talented Emma Nayler took the stunning images you will see below, and I am so incredibly grateful for her talents.  She just went about the day and did her thing, with us able to just enjoy the party with our beautiful boy. I would highly recommend employing a photographer for all your important occasions.  The one time I didn’t listen to this advice is the one occasion I don’t have any photos from!   Not only does Emma photograph families, but engagement sessions and weddings also (overseas too.)

Chloe’s oufit – Nicole Elliot Designs
Ari’s outfit – Online through Ebay
Gum Boots – Seed Heritage
My dress –   Breastfeeding Wear Autralia

We decided to invite the children to dress in circus theme if they wished.  Ari really wanted to be a Ring Master so after searching high and low for a custom I bought one on Ebay.

Nicole Elliot Designs made Chloe the most stunning Ballerina costum.  This lady is seriously celver with a needle!  Everything from her Tutu to the feather belt was so sweet.  Due to rain the few days before the party both little enjoyed wearing ‘flashing light gum boots.’

Supplier websites
Photography – Emma Nayler
Venue – strawberry Fields
Invites and design of signage and printable – Little J Design
Food table – Grazing Acres
Cake and cupcakes – Ange’s Cakes
Custom cake toppers – XOXO Design
Cookies – Sweet P Cakes and Cookies
Custom chocolates – Print and Party
Marshmallow party favours – Cloud Theory Marshmallows
Balloon garland – Party Planet
Custom back drop and cut out – Be Branded
Chloe’s oufit – Nicole Elliot Design
My Dress – Breastfeeding Wear Australia

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5 Common Mistakes Made When Planning a Party (and How to Avoid Them)

Parties are so much fun right!?  But planning them can be super stressful.  So for this blog post I needed to call in a party expert Natty Faulkner who really knows how to party!  Natty is a children’s party entertainer through her company Strawberry Fundaes.  On weekends you will find her glammed up and dress up as anyone from Snow White to Moana, and all the children’s favourites in-between.  Natalie has been to more than her fair share of children’s parties, in fact she’s been to hundreds!  So here are her top tips for avoiding common party mistakes…

Common mistake #1 – Planning an outdoor party with no back up plan.
This is the most common party mistake I see!  Parties in the park are a great idea… Until it rains.  I highly recommend looking at the weekly forecast before and always have a back- up plan.  Your back up location could either be at your house, a friends garage or their home (if they have the space and are willing), or perhaps you could set up a marquee for shelter, use the local church or YMCA / community hall or even sporting club. Have that back up plan sussed out well before the party.   Note – Some parks actually have huge rotundas you can reserve through local council which means you can still host your party in the park, rain, hail or shine!

Common mistake #2 – Planning a party on a national holiday or event without realising.
Before you set the exact date of the party, consult with your calendar to ensure that chosen date does not fall on holiday weekends and school breaks.  Celebrating two occasions can be fun sometimes, but when those days are meant to be spent in a tight-knit family circle, it is silly to expect your child’s school friends to want to attend a big bash party on a date they might want to be with their family.

Common mistake #3 – Over Catering Food
This is easy to do.  I recommend collecting RSVP’s to have a clear estimate on how many guests are attending.  And remember kids don’t eat a whole lot in the time frame they are at a party. A good party time frame is about 2 hour maximum for little ones and they get so over whelmed and distracted with playing or being entertained that they often only pick at the food.  Pick just a few food options and make them easy to eat. Or create little ‘snack packs’ to encourage kids to sit down and each their own individual portions ( this is great for less mess too! )

Common mistake #4 – Planning a party time during nap time
If your child has a nap at midday, don’t force a party time then because it suits your mum/ grandma/ uncle/ cousin. Or if you do, expect to have one cranky child!  Everyone’s nap times are different, but your child is the one being celebrated so try your best to accommodate. Even if it means attempting to pop them down earlier than usual.

Common mistake #5 – Failing to have any activities for kids
Not everyone has the budget to hire an entertainer, so here are my quick and easy options to keep the kids busy at your next party.  Colouring in sheets, pencils and stickers, craft station, Hoola Hoops, Dancing, singing, cupcake decorating, old fashioned party games or water play.

A huge thank you to Natty for these incredibly useful tips!

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10 Accessory Styling Hacks From My Personal Stylist Josephine Eve

About Josephine Eve’s Stylist
I am so thrilled that Josephine Eve Stylist has agreed to write a feature blog post which I am sharing with my beautiful Mamas.  Top 10 Styling hacks to accessorise your looks.

Josephine and I met about 18 months ago and we very we quickly developed  a beautiful friendship.  Not only are we now friends, I have also been lucky enough to be styled by Josephine on a few occasions including a revamp of my winter robe, planning a wardrobe for a European summer vacation, and more recently I completed her e-course ‘How To Create Your Dream Wardrobe.’

I greatly respect and value every piece of knowledge that Josephine has given me regarding fashion and styling, this is why I am so excited that she is sharing TEN incredible styling tips with you.  If you are looking to get started on a wardrobe revamp, Josephine has a free printable download to help you declutter and organise your existing robe, click here.



Accessorising your outfits can be a frustrating task for a lot of people.  It can either make  or break your look.   It can come across as though you’ve either put too much effort into styling the look, or like you have effortlessly put together an outfit that is on point.  On the other hand, wearing an outfit without accessories may prevent your look from seeming pulled together and nicely finished.

Limit the amount of accessories you wear
I recommend to style your look with no more than 4 accessories, as anymore than this can make your outfit look ‘over accessorised.’  Try and limit the amount of statement pieces in a look as it can clash and come across as too loud.

Think about colour and tone
To balance the overall colours of clothing and accessories styled in your outfit, a good rule of thumb, is that you should opt for no more than 4 colours in the look.  Try styling with a mix of neutral tones in your look whether that be white, black, beige, nude, tan, grey or navy.  Then if you love colour blend the look with 1-2 accent colours like you’re top favourites, (mine are Blush Pink and Khaki!)

Here are some ideas and suggestions for those of you who have trouble styling accessories for your shape and putting together your outfit well… ‘effortlessly’!

  1. Create a more defined waistline with a v-shaped long pendant – This is such an easy accessory to style with as it enhances your waist, especially if you don’t have a clear waistline or you’re wearing something that is loose and shapeless.  It not only creates the illusion of a waistline but it creates balance with an outfit too.

  2. Draw attention to your face with a statement necklace – So for those of you who are a bit self conscious about your body parts eg; tummy, legs, hips, arms.  A statement necklace is the perfect addition to your look.  Wear over a round or boat neckline to accessorise your outfit, this will nicely draw the attention up to your beautiful face!  Chokers can also replace this and work especially well worn with a V-neck.


  3. Flatter your face shape with statement earrings – Statement earrings can be a really beautiful contrast, and an attention-grabbing accessory that which draw a viewers eyes up to your face.  If you want to be simple yet subtle, opt for your preferred metallic colour, like silver, gold or rose gold.  Or if you’re a bit daring and want to dress the look up to add a bit more colour, then go for something with your favourite pop of colour to dress up a neutral coloured outfit.

  4. Add a pop of your favourite colour or print with statement heels or flats – Adding a statement heel or flat, is a great way to draw the attention away from other areas that you’re conscious about. So this trick is perfect for people with wider shoulders or a tummy, as it balances your shape!  My personal favourite is a pair of rose gold pumps, which quickly dress up any pair of casual bottoms to go out in.  Or a leopard flat, which is simple yet cool.  A lot of my clients are loving the red heels trend at the moment, it dresses up a plain outfit.  TIP: Statement shoes look really nicely styled with a statement earring to really dress up your look!

  5. Balance your hip width with a statement handbag or clutch – Mums with broad shoulders, this one is a great tip for you to try as it makes more width at the hip to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.  As well as being ultra stylish of course!  Go for something fun like these options in your favourite tone.  If you have wider hips (pear shape) you may want to be more minimal with your handbags and wear it over your shoulder or sitting just at your waistline.

  6. Look more polished and put together with neutral coloured accessories – So for the Mums who love being a bit more neutral and minimal, the best way to go about accessorising is ultimately picking more neutral tones like black, navy, grey, tan, camel, beige, nude, gold, silver, as well as matching a couple of the tones together. So for example if I have a pair of black earrings, I might want to match that with a black bag or the shoe.  Or a beige belt and a beige handbag.  Matching is still ‘cool,’ but don’t go overboard being too ‘matchy matchy’ as this only makes you look like you’ve tried to style your outfit too much.

  7. Add some colour around your neckline with a fun scarf print you LOVE – I absolutely love scarves, I find them so ‘chic’ and I love playing around with all the different ways of wearing them, whilst ‘complimenting’ your neckline.  If you’re a bit ‘out there’ and love colour, then go bold with your prints and colours.  For some of you who like a more subtle style, then choose something like a navy and white, or a black and white smaller print, fine animal print, or subtle prints and colours in your scarf.  All of these options will really enhance your look.  Scarves also draw attention to the face if the colour is louder than the rest of the look, or do the opposite eg; a black scarf worn with a white outfit is not going to draw the attention to the neck/face. We will be looking at the white part of your outfit.  TIP: Scarves can also create a waistline if worn in a v shape way.

  8. Belt your waist and show off your curve mamma! – If you have a defined waist, please don’t hide it! J It’s super flattering if you can belt your look, especially if you have a nice fitted/structured top or even try belting over a skirt, high waist pant, dress or what’s really in trend at the moment is belting your blazer!  Try and match the colour of the belt with another tone in your outfit to really simplify and polish the look. Like the shoe, bag, jewellery, clothing etc..  I wouldn’t recommend styling a belt with a pendant necklace. Or style your belt with a pair of statement earrings or with a statement shoe to dress the look up.

  9. Accessorise your hair locks with a silk scarf tie, scrunchie or hair clip – This uber cute hair trend has been on display quite a lot lately, espeically over the spring/summer period, and it looks so chic if you’re dressing up to go to a bridal/baby shower, girls lunch, a date or just a fun day out where you want to dress up the look with something pretty.  Here are some shops/stores who do beautiful silk scarves and hair accessories- Seed, Mimco, Rubi shoes, Bunch of Scrunch.

  10. Bedazzle your look with a hat – If you really want to complete your look, a hat can just be the thing to literally top it off!  Panama hats are super cute, although coming into autumn season fedoras are just as nice to enhance your outfit.

You can find Josephine on the below links:

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