10 Accessory Styling Hacks From My Personal Stylist Josephine Eve

About Josephine Eve’s Stylist
I am so thrilled that Josephine Eve Stylist has agreed to write a feature blog post which I am sharing with my beautiful Mamas.  Top 10 Styling hacks to accessorise your looks.

Josephine and I met about 18 months ago and we very we quickly developed  a beautiful friendship.  Not only are we now friends, I have also been lucky enough to be styled by Josephine on a few occasions including a revamp of my winter robe, planning a wardrobe for a European summer vacation, and more recently I completed her e-course ‘How To Create Your Dream Wardrobe.’

I greatly respect and value every piece of knowledge that Josephine has given me regarding fashion and styling, this is why I am so excited that she is sharing TEN incredible styling tips with you.  If you are looking to get started on a wardrobe revamp, Josephine has a free printable download to help you declutter and organise your existing robe, click here.



Accessorising your outfits can be a frustrating task for a lot of people.  It can either make  or break your look.   It can come across as though you’ve either put too much effort into styling the look, or like you have effortlessly put together an outfit that is on point.  On the other hand, wearing an outfit without accessories may prevent your look from seeming pulled together and nicely finished.

Limit the amount of accessories you wear
I recommend to style your look with no more than 4 accessories, as anymore than this can make your outfit look ‘over accessorised.’  Try and limit the amount of statement pieces in a look as it can clash and come across as too loud.

Think about colour and tone
To balance the overall colours of clothing and accessories styled in your outfit, a good rule of thumb, is that you should opt for no more than 4 colours in the look.  Try styling with a mix of neutral tones in your look whether that be white, black, beige, nude, tan, grey or navy.  Then if you love colour blend the look with 1-2 accent colours like you’re top favourites, (mine are Blush Pink and Khaki!)

Here are some ideas and suggestions for those of you who have trouble styling accessories for your shape and putting together your outfit well… ‘effortlessly’!

  1. Create a more defined waistline with a v-shaped long pendant – This is such an easy accessory to style with as it enhances your waist, especially if you don’t have a clear waistline or you’re wearing something that is loose and shapeless.  It not only creates the illusion of a waistline but it creates balance with an outfit too.
  2. Draw attention to your face with a statement necklace – So for those of you who are a bit self conscious about your body parts eg; tummy, legs, hips, arms.  A statement necklace is the perfect addition to your look.  Wear over a round or boat neckline to accessorise your outfit, this will nicely draw the attention up to your beautiful face!  Chokers can also replace this and work especially well worn with a V-neck.
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  4. Flatter your face shape with statement earrings – Statement earrings can be a really beautiful contrast, and an attention-grabbing accessory that which draw a viewers eyes up to your face.  If you want to be simple yet subtle, opt for your preferred metallic colour, like silver, gold or rose gold.  Or if you’re a bit daring and want to dress the look up to add a bit more colour, then go for something with your favourite pop of colour to dress up a neutral coloured outfit.
  5. Add a pop of your favourite colour or print with statement heels or flats – Adding a statement heel or flat, is a great way to draw the attention away from other areas that you’re conscious about. So this trick is perfect for people with wider shoulders or a tummy, as it balances your shape!  My personal favourite is a pair of rose gold pumps, which quickly dress up any pair of casual bottoms to go out in.  Or a leopard flat, which is simple yet cool.  A lot of my clients are loving the red heels trend at the moment, it dresses up a plain outfit.  TIP: Statement shoes look really nicely styled with a statement earring to really dress up your look!
  6. Balance your hip width with a statement handbag or clutch – Mums with broad shoulders, this one is a great tip for you to try as it makes more width at the hip to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.  As well as being ultra stylish of course!  Go for something fun like these options in your favourite tone.  If you have wider hips (pear shape) you may want to be more minimal with your handbags and wear it over your shoulder or sitting just at your waistline.
  7. Look more polished and put together with neutral coloured accessories – So for the Mums who love being a bit more neutral and minimal, the best way to go about accessorising is ultimately picking more neutral tones like black, navy, grey, tan, camel, beige, nude, gold, silver, as well as matching a couple of the tones together. So for example if I have a pair of black earrings, I might want to match that with a black bag or the shoe.  Or a beige belt and a beige handbag.  Matching is still ‘cool,’ but don’t go overboard being too ‘matchy matchy’ as this only makes you look like you’ve tried to style your outfit too much.
  8. Add some colour around your neckline with a fun scarf print you LOVE – I absolutely love scarves, I find them so ‘chic’ and I love playing around with all the different ways of wearing them, whilst ‘complimenting’ your neckline.  If you’re a bit ‘out there’ and love colour, then go bold with your prints and colours.  For some of you who like a more subtle style, then choose something like a navy and white, or a black and white smaller print, fine animal print, or subtle prints and colours in your scarf.  All of these options will really enhance your look.  Scarves also draw attention to the face if the colour is louder than the rest of the look, or do the opposite eg; a black scarf worn with a white outfit is not going to draw the attention to the neck/face. We will be looking at the white part of your outfit.  TIP: Scarves can also create a waistline if worn in a v shape way.
  9. Belt your waist and show off your curve mamma! – If you have a defined waist, please don’t hide it! J It’s super flattering if you can belt your look, especially if you have a nice fitted/structured top or even try belting over a skirt, high waist pant, dress or what’s really in trend at the moment is belting your blazer!  Try and match the colour of the belt with another tone in your outfit to really simplify and polish the look. Like the shoe, bag, jewellery, clothing etc..  I wouldn’t recommend styling a belt with a pendant necklace. Or style your belt with a pair of statement earrings or with a statement shoe to dress the look up.
  10. Accessorise your hair locks with a silk scarf tie, scrunchie or hair clip – This uber cute hair trend has been on display quite a lot lately, espeically over the spring/summer period, and it looks so chic if you’re dressing up to go to a bridal/baby shower, girls lunch, a date or just a fun day out where you want to dress up the look with something pretty.  Here are some shops/stores who do beautiful silk scarves and hair accessories- Seed, Mimco, Rubi shoes, Bunch of Scrunch.
  11. Bedazzle your look with a hat – If you really want to complete your look, a hat can just be the thing to literally top it off!  Panama hats are super cute, although coming into autumn season fedoras are just as nice to enhance your outfit.

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