Change Your Day to Change Your Life.

2021 was a big one, right?! It doesn’t look like 2022 is going to let up anytime soon either.  I believe that even though the world around us might seem unsettled and chaotic, we can be able to take control of our everyday lives and create calm around us.  

I am a huge believer in creating the life that you dream of by creating the perfect day first. This doesn’t just happen though; you need to set time aside to plan and prepare for your perfect day.  Then to implement it.  I have a process which I follow to make this happen.  A process I am going to share with you. 

Start off with thinking about how you want your perfect life to look.  Then ask yourself what your perfect day looks and feels like.  Does it involve some exercise, a healthy breakfast or music playing throughout the day?  I break my day down into morning, midday and evening.  I think about what I can do to cultivate happiness at every moment of my day and life.

Using the notes section of my iPhone and creating headings; morning, midday and evening.  I create a tick box under each heading where I list the things, I would like to fill my time with which spark joy in my life.  

Here’s mine:

Write in my journal.
Be kind – call or text someone I love.
Short meditation or stretch.
Drink 1 litre water.
Take supplements.

Day time
45 minutes of exercise.
Put music on.
Get dressed for the day.

Night time 
Diffuser on.
Night time drink.
Music on. 
Phones down 8pm.
Write in journal.

As I work through my day, I tick off my list.  I find this basic tool for accountability means that I do everything on my list, each day.  Within a matter of weeks this tick list becomes second nature and really, I don’t even need it anymore.  

When you think about it a life is made up of days, so rather than focusing grand scheme, our joy and happiness can be sparked from everyday moments.