Five School Lunches with Disney x Bbox Lunch and Hydration Range

2021 has been my first year as a school Mum and to say it was easy would be a lie.  Honestly, it was one of the biggest challenges I found as a parent, and it took quite a few months to adapt to our new life of school runs, communication and everything else.  It did get better though, and I learnt a lot of things along the way to help simplify and make my life as a school Mum much easier and calmer. 

Something a school mum can never escape from though, is the daily grind of school lunches.  Truth be told, I LOVE making school lunch boxes, but I also know that I am very much still in the honeymoon phase of preparing them.  Of course, you could opt for tuck shop prepared meals but over time this can be costly, and do we really know what our children are eating?  I personally think that tuck shop is better off left as a rare treat!  

A great school lunch starts with a great lunch box.  You want to look for a theme/design your child will love and be excited about.  For Mums it is about functionality, lots of room, the ability to stay cool all day, durable, and easy to use.  

I have recently been introduced to the Disney x Bbox Lunch and Hydration range which ticks all the boxes.  Next year Ari and Chloe will be all set for school with their Insulated Lunch Bag, Mini Lunch Box and Tritan Drink Bottle.  They both fell in love with the Frozen and Toy Story designs, which already makes the thought of starting the 2022 school year so much more exciting.  

Disney x insulated lunchbag RRP $39.95
The perfect insulated lunchbag to keep food cold all day.  I pop two thin ice bricks in Ari and Chloe’s.  This lunch bag is big enough to fit a full lunch in it.  The design has rounded corners on the inside, so it’s easy to clean and keep free of any crumbs or other food nasties! 

Disney x Tritan drink bottle RRP $24.95
Features a 450ml hold capacity, which is important when you want your little ones to stay hydrated all day.  Its unique triangle shape is designed for small hands to easily hold onto it.  There is an easy press button which pops open, revealing a straw which stays hygienic. And best of all,  spills are impossible because of the spill-proof bite valve.  

Disney x mini lunchbox RRP $27.95
This is a smaller lunch box for smaller appetites.  However, I love that it allows room within the insulated Lunch Bag to fit other food as well.  There is plenty of space for whole food lunch options.  There is a flexi fruit holder which stretches around fruit, so that larger fruits like an apple can still fit in the lunch box.  There are two leak proof compartments which seal separately so their contents don’t mix.  The removable divider means you can adjust and alter the lunch box to suit what you would like to put in it.  

You can purchase the Disney x lunchtime range via the website.

Here are five school lunches to get you and your little ones excited about a new school year.  All of these fit perfectly into the Disney x lunchtime range, when using the insulated lunchbag, mini lunchbox and Tritan drink bottle.

Monday – The snack plate lunch
Chicken breast
Carrot sticks
Cheese cubes
Watermelon slices
Blueberries and yoghurt
Wrap of their choice

Tuesday – Japanese flair
Edamame beans
Cold broccoli
Boiled egg
Sliced peach

Wednesday – Last night’s leftovers
Spaghetti cups (use last night’s Spaghetti Bolognese, mix with an egg and bake in oven in a cupcake holder.)
Corn on the cob
Green beans
Tzatziki dip
Mango cubes
Pineapple slices

Thursday – Home baked
Mini quiche
Blueberry muffin
Cucumber sticks
Banana custard
Red apple slices
Sandwich of their choice
Berry mix

Friday – No food in the house!
Vegemite sandwich
Veggie sticks
Mandarin slices
Muesli bar

I hope these lunch box ideas help to inspire or save you when you are stuck!

Remember you can purchase the Disney X lunchtime range via the website.  Use my discount code Nat20 for a huge 20% off (some exclusions including the Disney range apply)  You can also find on Instagram.