The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Birth and Hospital Bag Essentials Guide

As my due date has crept closer and closer, I have started to think about what items I need for my birth and hospital bags for baby three. Not only this, but I have also needed to consider what preparation I want to do for the birth of our baby.

Personally, I like to have my hospital bag packed by 35 weeks pregnant, just incase baby decides to arrive extra early and to save a stressful scramble on birth day. Full term is classfied 37 to 42 weeks, which gives a huge window of time that a baby can be born in, but of course they will always come when pleases them.

To help you prepare for the birth of your baby, I have created this blog post and packing list for what to bring with you into birth, and any subsequent hospital stay. This list is a guide which includes my must-have items for both my birthing bag and hospital bag.  My favourite brands are linked so that you can easily shop for the items that you need.  Birthing is obviously one of the most personal days in a women’s life, and I hope that these suggestions help you to create a birth and hospital experience that is perfect for you.

You can download the checklist, print it out or save it to your phone, to ensure that you have all your birth and hospital essentials covered in time for your own birthing day. 

Personally I pack a separate birth bag to my hospital bag.  My Birth Bag includes only items that will be used in birth or immediately afterwards. Most hospitals prefer this, as they don’t want you to have a huge amount of things spilling over the birth suite that aren’t needed.

Once my baby is born and we are all settled, someone gets the hospital bag from the car.  This includes everything I need for the next few hours, up to a one-night stay.  In the checklist I have included quantities for what to pack. If you are anticipating a longer stay (perhaps for a C-section) then you would increase the amount of items required.)

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Comfortable clothing to wear to hospital – You will want to wear something to hospital that feels comfortable on your body and skin, perhaps a top and loose pant option. For this I recommend Legoe Heritage. Often once you arrive at the hospital, you will change into a birth gown provided by them. Make sure you take a jacket or cardigan as hospitals can be cold, and wear comfortable shoes.

Sarong – This can be used as a tool in birth, something that is taught in (Calm Birth classes.) You can also wrap it around your wrist if you require a canular and don’t want to look at it, or drape it over you for comfort or to keep you warm.

Snacks and water bottle – Though food is often provided by the hospital, make sure to pack some healthy and energy providing snacks that both you and your birth partner can enjoy. I recommend a water bottle with a straw.

Swim top (if you plan a waterbirth) – I really like the bralettes from Bimby and Roy even though they aren’t technically swim tops they are really comfortable and have pretty designs.

Camera, phone, phone charger and wallet – All essentials that you don’t want to forget. Make sure you have your Medicare card and any health care cards in there too. If you still use these items in everyday life, pop a sticky note on your fridge with a list of extras that need to be added to your hospital bag on birth day.

Your birth plan – This incudes any hospital paperwork that you need.

Contact list for sharing the news – So that you don’t forget any of the important people whilst you are enjoying your newborn bubble.

Entertainment – Pop a few things in your bag like some magazines or an Ipad with movies on it, you may end up wanting to distract yourself or pass some time.

Thongs – For in the shower.

A spare set of clothes – Again I recommend checking out Legoe Heritage.

Spare underwear – Because there will be all sorts going on ‘down there’ I recommend Modi Bodi for the bottoms, and a supportive maternity bra like Bravado from The Stork Nest for the top.

Lip moisturiser – Hospital air conditioning can really dry out your lips. Also if you think you might use some gas for pain relief this can do the same thing. I love Biologi Lip Nourish Serum.

Hair band – to pop your hair up out of the way if you wish.

Maternity pads – For post birth bleeding. Find something gentle on the planet like these from The Memo.

App for timing contractions – I use ‘Contractions.

A spare change of comfortable clothing, pain killers, a water bottle and swim clothes (if you plan a water birth.) – That is about all they need!

EXTRAS – Some beautiful suggestions for comfort during birth.
Bubba Bump sells lovely birth affirmation cards, or you can print some online. Birth play list, battery operated candles, head phones or small speaker, items that are special to you, aromatherapy oils and a diffuser, massage oil for birth. Also hot and cold packs can be great, like Body Ice from The Memo.

Changes of comfortable clothing – The maternity range at Legoe Heritage has everything you would need.

Maternity bras and underwear – I find Bravado from The Stork Nest for the top very comfortable for maternity bras. Modi Bodi are my go to for bottoms.

Pyjamas – The best Pyjamas I have found are from Little Something Sleepwear. They are button up, meaning easy access for feeding, soft material and feel fantastic. You can personalise them with your name as well, making these pjs the perfect item to pop on your baby shower wish list.

Socks and slippers – To keep you warm and feeling great. Find some that are none slip.

Breast feeding pads – To pop in your bra for when you milk leaks. You can find reusable ones The Memo.

Breastfeeding pump – It doesn’t hurt to pack one as you may find you are able to get a little milk out and stored for baby. I use Medela.

Maternity pads – For post birth bleeding. Find something gentle on the planet like these from The Memo.

Nipple cream – Your nipples may get dry and sore, especially if this is your first time feeding a baby. Take along some gentle nipple cream, I get mine from The Memo.

Lactation cookies – Slip some delicious premade lactation cookies in your bag to enjoy during your hospital stay. Milky Mummy sells them in packs with a variety of different tasty flavours. Lactation cookies can make an incredible difference to your milk supple, I highly recommend them.

Toiletry bag, dirty washing bag, your own pillow and an eye mask – Toiletry bag with things like makeup, glasses, contact lenses, face washer, hair and body wash, face and body products.  I like to use organic products that smell amazing, for this I love Biologi.

Baby announcement plaque – If you are wanting to take a sweet photo to share of your new baby, I recommend checking our Hello Fern for gorgeous wooden announcement plaques.

Gifts for older siblings and baby – You might like to exchange gifts between older siblings and the new baby. Baby Donkie has a huge range of toys and soft dolls suitable for all ages.

Baby Journal – Pack your baby journal to fill in time during your stay. You can write all about the birth whilst it’s fresh in your mind. I have been using Your Story by Hello Fern.

Blankets – To keep baby warm and comfortable in hospital. My favourite blankets are from Heritage Blankets. I make sure I take something special into hospital, that I can then pop into their baby box once they grow out of it. The range at Hertitage Blankets is so beautiful and timeless!

Swaddles – Babies are so used to being in the tight environment of their Mother’s womb. Swaddles like Love To Dream can really help them to feel settled now that they are earth side.

Baby clothing – You will want to put your baby into clothing that is soft, feels amazing on there new skin, and is also easy to put on and take off. I love the range at La Sienna Couture, I have been dressing Chloe in this brand since she was born and I still do now. They do boys clothes too! How cute that I can match all of my babies in their clothing!

Baby Wraps – Another way to keep baby comforter and mimic the tightness off Mummy’s tummy. La Sienna Couture have a beautiful range of cotton blend baby wraps, which are perfect for perfect for wrapping and nursing baby.

Newborn nappies and wipes – I like to chose products that are gentle on the planet. Have a look at Ecoringials.

Feeding pillow – This can really help your posture for feeding. I use Ergo from The Stork Nest.

Infant Car Seat – Make sure you travel to hospital with your infant car seat correctly installed. I like to have mine installed in my car by 35 or 36 weeks pregnant.

DISCLAINER – This article and the information below is for informational purposes only, and does not attempt to substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor before trying any methods mentioned in this blog. Most importantly do your own research.
There are many ways that you can prepare your body and mind for birth. Here are some that you may wish to do your own research on and to see if they suit you and your lifestyle.
– Take part in a Clam Birth or Hypno Birthing class.
– Enjoy regular massages, chiropractic or osteopath appointments to make sure your body is aligned.
– Research the benefits of things like drinking raspberry leaf tea, doing perineal massage, eating dates everyday and inserting capsules of evening primrose vaginally.
– Regular yoga, meditation, walking, making sure you are taking the right supplements and staying healthy.
– Maintaining good posture and not slouching.
– Practising to sit on a birth ball (fit ball.)
– Practising breathing techniques.
– Generally making time for yourself everyday to relax.

Sunshine Coast Locals Suggestions
Massage – Michelle English from Bliss to Birth.
Chiropractor – Janelle located at Coast Life Midwifery.
Acupuncture – There is also a lady located at Coast Life Midwifery who I have heard great things about.
Placenta Encapsulation – Natalie from Placenta Vitality
Calm Birth – Birth Baby Village

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Happy birth prepping beautiful Mama, I am so excited for you and please let me know when your little bundle arrives!   

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  #sweetlifeessentials when sharing your beautiful products and journey on Instagram.

Lot of love,

Disclaimer –  As always please remember that I am not a midwife, lactation consult, doctor or any other medical expert. I am just a Mother expressing her journey and opinions in a hope that is helps you along yours. At times this website contains posts where items and experiences have been sponsored, gifted or blog posts have been paid for in return for advertisement/promotion.  Where this applies it will be clearly stated at the bottom of the blog post. Natalie Sullivan and only endorses brands/items that her family uses, loves and highly recommends. To read the full disclaimer see here. Thank you to the following brands for working with me on this post: La Sienna Couture, Heritage Blankets, Little Something Sleepwear and Milky Mummy.