The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Newborn Essentials Guide

As the weeks draw closer to the arrival of our baby girl, I have been busy organising everything that we need for her. I want to be prepared so that our transition to a family of five is as smooth as possible. Regardless, I have always been a very organised person when it comes to Motherhood, and have made sure that with each new baby I am fully prepared. As a third time Mother to be I am well versed in what I do and do not need, and feel confident in passing that knowledge onto you. I have created this blog post to guide you through all the essentials for a child aged newborn up to four months, however many of the products will be used well beyond that.

So, here is my ‘Ultimate Sweet Life Newborn Essentials Guide,’ where below you will find a list of my must have items, to help you feel confident and at ease as you journey through the first few months of having a new baby. Below I explain each item in detail and why I love it. I have also included an Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Newborn Essentials Check List which you can download, print off and tick off, as you purchase recommended items. Throughout this guide I have also included some brands that I know and love, many of whom I used when I became a first time Mother five years ago. The checklist is much more concise and serves as your practical guide to covering the essentials, but if you are interested in reading all about why I love each product then read on below.

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Cot – Generally there are two sizes of cots and I have always found the bigger to be better. Be sure that whatever cot you chose, it meets Australian Safety Standards. It is always handy if you an find one that converts to a toddler bed as this will last you longer.

Mattress – A superior quality mattress is essential for great sleep. I recommend Delta Baby as their mattresses are hypoallergenic, 100% made in Melbourne and incredibly comfortable for baby.

2 x Mattress protectors – These save your mattress from almost certain accidents.

2 x Fitted cot sheets – Find a sheet set which is made from beautiful quality, organic material, like those from Solly Baby.

Bassinet – Different Mother’s will use their bassinets for different lengths of time. I find a bassinet is essential for the first few months, even once my babies have moved to their own bedrooms I have used it as a safe spot for baby throughout the house. The bassinets from Poppy’s Little Treasures are not only comfortable for baby, but are timelessly beautiful too.

2 x Bassinet mattress protectors – As with cot protectors these are vital for protecting your mattress.

2 x Bassinet sheet sets – Find something soft for baby’s delicate skin. I love Wilson and Frenchy.

3 x Sleep suits – Newborn babies are used to living in the comfort of a tight womb, so its not surprising that they want to mimic that feeling once they are earth side. To create a firm and warm environment for sleeping, I have always found using Stage 1 Swaddles from Love To Dream to be a game changer. Check out their website for information on ‘togs’ (for temperature control,) and ‘stages’ for as your baby grows.

Monitor – There are a handful of baby items that you need to buy the best quality in, one is a baby monitor. They are part of ensuring the safety of your baby. I have always used Oricom and chosen to purchase the BabySense value pack which includes a breathing monitor, as this offers huge piece of mind. Babysense7 will activate an audible alarm if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute, or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds.

Night light – Creating a calming enviroment to prepare for sleep is essential. I always feed the baby before bedtime in their room, using night light as the only light source. The Glow Dreaming product is more then a night light, it also products sound, red light and is a diffuser.

Comforter – Find something snuggly for your baby to love and cuddle into, I really like this option from The Stork Nest.

Soother – These are a great tool to comfort bay to sleep, featuring lights, melodies and a star/moon projector, my favourite brand is Skip Hop via The Stork Nest.

3 x Baby wraps – Again you will want a great quality fabric touching your baby’s skin, take a look at the packs available at both One Eco Step and Bubba Organics.

2 x Blankets – When it comes to blankets I always purchase something beautiful that can eventually make its way to my little ones baby box, and perhaps become an heirloom. For this I go to Heritage Blankets, where the designs, colours and quality are exceptional. The blankets are large enough to be used as a swaddle, in a cot situation, in the pram or as a play mat.

Dummies – I have always had one on hand and purchase from Baby Donkie.

Dummy chain – So great to stop you and baby from dropping the dummy rendering it useless until cleaned, Baby Donkie have some super cute options.


Baby bath – A safe and easy place for baby’s daily baths. Shnuggle via The Stork Nest have a comfortable and supportive bath solution. The clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bath time for babies right up to 12 months plus.

Bath stand – Keeps baby up at your level making them happier and a much kinder experience on your back! There is a bath stand from Shnuggle via The Stork Nest which suits the bath linked above.

Moisturiser, hair and body wash, and baby washers – Only use great quality, organic, products on your baby’s skin. I purchase from Bubba Organics and get them in a gift pack.

Bath towels – There is a beautiful range at Tula. Whatever you get, make sure its extra soft.

Bath thermometer – Important or making sure that bath water temperature is spot on!

Nail clippers – Baby’s nails can get very long, very fast!

Soft hair brush –
It still amazes me just how much hair some little ones are born with.

Bath toys – Something fun to keep them happy in the bath as they grow. There is an affordable range at The Stork Nest.

Bath jug – They make it so much easier to wash and rinse baby off.


Thermometer – The most important piece in your first aid kit is your Thermometer, you need one that is reliable and accurate. I have always chosen the products from Braun. The Braun ThermoScan® 7 has age precision technology and it can store the last 9 temperature checks to help you keep track when baby has a temp.

Other first aid kit items – Essential items include: scissors, tweezers, band-aids, cotton balls, medicine dropper, Pain Relief, Nasal Bulb Syringe, Nasal Saline Drops, Infant Pain Relief, Antiseptic Cream, Colic Relief, Hot/Cold Pack, Hand Sanitizer, Natural Sun Cream, Natural Insect Repellent, Baby Cotton Buds and Tissues. (Remember to check all products with a pharmacist before purchasing to make sure that they are safe to use on a newborn baby.)


Change table – The most important key here is to make sure its safe and sturdy.

Change mat – These will often come with your change table.

Nappy bin – A functional nappy bin will do many things to make your life easier. The Ubbi via The Stork Nest holds 58 newborn nappies, is made from powder coated steel so does not release smell, and does not require special/expensive bags.

Nappies and wipes – I strive for as environmentally friendly as possible and for this I go to Ecoriginals, Australia’s only Eco nappy rigorously tested by CSIRO. They are made from 100% compostable and biodegradable materials.

Bottom cream and baby room spray – Again choosing great quality, organic products is really important to me . Bubba Organics has all of this and you can get them in a cost effective gift pack.


In the downable checklist you will find a full detailed list of what clothing I recommend and how many pieces of each. The first place I look when purchasing newborn baby clothing is Solly Baby for their organic clothing range.


Breast pump – If you desire to effectively pump milk then you need a good quality breast pump. I recommend either Medela or Spectra.

Feeding pillow – If you intend on breastfeeding you will spend a large amount of time doing so in the early months of your baby’s life. It is very important to have the support of a breast feeding pillow like this one from The Stork Nest.

Steriliser, bottle warmer and bottles – Whether you are completely bottle feeding or would like to flexibility of being able to give a bottle of expressed milk a day, three things that you will need all come in a great value pack at Tommee Tippee.

Bottle cleanser – Milk residue can be really tough to remove from bottles. I use One Eco Step because their product is 100% plant based.

Bottle drying rack – You’ll need a spot to air out your wet bottles.

Bottle cleaning brush – Needed to get into those awkward shaped bottles.

Milk storage bags – I personally pump milk 2-3 times a day which means a lot of storage bags. I have always worried about all that plastic in the environment, so now use the 100% bio degradable bags from One Eco Step which are also non-toxic too.

Teether – These are great for soothing gums as teeth start to come through. Skip Hop via The Stork Nest has some really good options.


Car seat – I find the best thing to do is to head into a baby store and talk to a car seat installer about the best car seat for your vehicle and situation, including the amount of children you have.

Sunshade – Very important for keeping the harsh Australia sun off of your baby. I have purchased this one from The Stork Nest.

Mirror – You will want to be able to see your baby’s face when driving in the car. Due to rear facing car seats you will need something like this mirror from Stork Nest.

Car toys – Something to keep baby entertained on long drives, try the interactive toys from Skip Hop via Stork Nest.

Pram – I have had four prams in total over the past five years and I am only going to recommend the best to you. That is Baby Bee. I have been so impressed with the quality at this price point, it is because they only sell online that they can keep the prices so low. They offer a pram solution to suit every family situation, and a 9-month free return period so you can set-up and test your pram inside your home and if it’s not the perfect one for you, return it free of charge (conditions apply.)

Pram Sunshade – To keep baby protected from UV, this one works with the Baby Bee pram.

Rain cover – Often come with your pram purchase.

Pram handlebar organiser and cup holder – Somewhere to keep all those items you want to be able to reach with ease, this one is great for the Baby Bee, and of course something for your morning drink you’ll need a cup holder from Baby Bee.

Pram toys – Keep baby happy and amused in the pram. The Stork Nest has a great range.

Baby carrier – Carriers are such a great way to transport your baby around, or even keep them happy while you are getting jobs done at home. My favourite has always been the Tula.

Nappy bag – When searching for a nappy bag you want style, functionality, lots of pockets, something that can easily be cleaned and washes well. I have the Skip Hop Curve Satchel from The Stork Nest which even includes a changing mat.

Disposable change mats – For parents on-the-go, pop one on top of any changing surface and easily dispose of when messy accidents happen. One Eco Step have a fully compostable solution.

Disposable nappy bags – They are little bags to put dirty nappies in before binning them whilst on the go. Try to find an option that is eco friendly, and not harsh on the planet.


Baby clothes hangers, closet dividers etc – From storage boxes, nappy station organisation, to robe dividers that help you to sort your baby clothes into sizes. Check out The Stork Nest.


Baby book – Something perfect to remember every moment of your pregnancy and parenting journey. I really love the Your Story by Hello Fern book because it is designed to use from conception to 21 years of age. What a gorgeous gift to give your child on their 21st birthday.

Monthly milestone discs – A beautiful way to capture all of the important weeks and months of your baby’s life. I have always loved taking pictures of Ari and Chloe with Hello Fern discs.

Achievement milestone discs – The perfect add on to monthly milestone discs. With achievement discs you can celebrate and remember every smile, laugh and even your baby’s first steps. Again Hello Fern have beautiful collections available for this.

Baby’s first blanket – I mentioned above how I love to keep my baby’s special blanket as a keepsake, to give them when they are all grown up. For this I find Heritage Blankets to be perfect. Each blanket is made of pure, natural cotton, with gorgeous designs.


Bouncer – All baby’s love a bouncer that they can be rocked in, whether its to keep them amused or put them to sleep. The Stork Nest have a really great option that can be made to sit stationary or rocked, and is also tall enough to keep baby out of reach from toddlers if you wish. A play arch is a really fun addition to the bouncer recommended and you can also get that from The Stork Nest.

Play gym – This is the perfect spot for baby to lay down, have a good play and kick around as they start to become more active. The more toys, noises and flashing lights the better. I love this one from The Stork Nest.

Toys – It is important to have a really good variety of toys for your baby, not just for fun as they grow, but for development too. There is a large range of affordable toys available at The Stork Nest.

Mobile – Skip Hop via The Stork Nest do a mobile that is perfect for at home and travel too. It doesn’t have to only be used on a cot but can clip onto many different baby goods. Mobiles are great for keeping little ones happy and entertained when at home, or with this one, on the go.


ECORINGALS – $20 off the 5 pack nappies and 4 pack wipes set – NAT20

Happy baby prepping beautiful Mama, I am so excited for you and your little bundle.   

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  #sweetlifeessentials when sharing your beautiful products and journey on Instagram.

Lot of love,

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