The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Pregnancy Essentials Guide

Without a doubt the area of my life that I get the most question about now is my pregnancy.  Mostly I am getting questions about where to get certain products from and what are my favourite pregnancy related brands.  After going through three pregnancies, I feel like I am in a great position to be able to make fail-safe recommendations to you, with confidence.  I know what I want, need and love, and I want that for you too!  

So, here is my ‘Ultimate Sweet Life Pregnancy Essentials Guide,’ where below you will find a list of my must have items to help you feel comfortable and at ease during your pregnancy journey.  I have also included a Check List which you can download and print off if you are newly pregnant and want to know what you need to get you through. You can then tick it off as you shop! In the checklist, I’ve also included recommended products/brands that have been tried and tested by me. It is extremely simple to use, and all the products are linked.

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Pregnancy Pillows – It is recommended by health professionals that from 22 weeks into your pregnancy, you start lying on your side when sleeping.  This is due to the main vein that runs up the back of your spine being compressed by the weight of your growing belly.  Laying on your back to sleep may restrict blood flow to you and your baby.  I have been using the Belly Support Pillow and Knee Support Pillow from the Growbright maternity range, because they are so comfortable and relaxing.  Using these two pillows together has been great for keeping my hips and spine aligned and has kept my growing bump supported to stop that dragging feeling.

Journal and Pregnancy Milestone Discs – One of the things I love most during pregnancy is documenting it through journaling and creating visual spaces with photographs.  I find this to be a fantastic practise in mindfulness during pregnancy and helps me to bond with my baby. I have chosen the Your Story journal by Hello Fern which documents your child’s journey from conception to 21 years of age.  I think it will make a beautiful gift for my daughter, and I plan to give it to her on her 21st birthday.  The journal is made from wood, with materials sourced and made in Australia.  Hello Fern also stock stunning Pregnancy Milestone Discs which is another beautiful way to document your pregnancy throughout each milestone moment.  Discount code for Hello Fern australia – Sweetlife10 – 10% off storewide.

Pregnancy protein powder – When you are pregnant and breastfeeding your body requires increased protein in your diet.  I chose to add extra protein into my diet using Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus by Amazonia. This blend contains 24g of organic, fermented plant Protein, plus 14 naturally sourced vitamins and minerals, including Zinc to help with fertility and reproduction, Iron, Folate and B Vitamins.  It is the perfect addition to pop into your diet from preconception, by way of smoothies, protein balls and smoothie bowls, just to name a few ideas.  I love it because its vegan and tastes amazing.

Pregnancy books – These can be a wealth of knowledge and even humour.  I have read Up the Duff by Kaz Cooke during all three pregnancies, as it puts a hilarious spin on this interesting time in your life!

Maternity activewear – From mindset to assisting a natural labour, there are so many benefits to staying active during pregnancy.  I find Active Truth to have the most comfortable range of maternity activewear which looks flattering  and makes you feel fabulous. It’s so important to have comfortable, maternity activewear otherwise your gym pants especially can cut into your tummy and cause pain.

Tooth care – Surprisingly poor dental health during pregnancy can affect not just you but your unborn baby as well.  I recommend making sure you are up to date with dentist visits and maintaining good oral hygiene at home with regular brushing and flossing.

Maternity bras – Some pregnancy resources suggest that you start wearing maternity bras from as early as 8 weeks pregnant.  The concern with your regular underwire bras is that the wire could inhibit blood flow and hamper milk production, which begins well before your baby arrives.  Not to mention maternity bras are much more pleasant to wear and are easier to feed in once baby arrived.  This pregnancy, I have been trialling the Juem range stocked on The Memo and I am loving how they feel on my skin. They have four stunning colours too.  Discount code for The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March. 

Oil blends – It is important to stay relaxed during pregnancy, for this I invest in calming oil blends to pop on my pillow at night time.   My favourite oil is lavender.  Be sure to do your research on which oils to use as some are not safe during pregnancy.  

Comfortable intimate wear – All sorts of leaks can happen ‘down there’ when you are pregnant, so I’ve recently started trialling some pieces from ModiBodi. I chose the Modi Bodi Maternity Pack for sustainable leak proof underwear and comfortable maternity singlets and I love that they are so soft.  The maternity singlets are also feeding friendly and are leak proof too, which is great for once your milk production starts. Modibodi – NOPANICPERIOD15 – 15% off storewide until 

Nipple Cream – Your nipples may become dry, sore and sensitive during pregnancy, so I recommend Frankly Eco from The Memo to ease any discomfort.  This ointment contains Chamomile and Organic Calendula to soothe delicate and inflamed skin.  It is made up of beads of wax which melt into the skin once applied. Discount code for The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March.  

Pregnancy photo shoot – Maternity is one of the most significant times in your life, don’t forget to capture it with a maternity photo session with your favourite photographer.

Breast pads – Towards the end of pregnancy your breasts can start to produce milk and leak through your maternity bra.  I suggest using Reusable Bamboo Basik Breast Pads purchased from The Memo, which come in a pack of seven.  I love that they are reusable and therefore great for the environment. If you haven’t realised yet, you can get a whole range of pregnancy essentials (and baby stuff too) from The Memo – definitely check it out during your pregnancy. Discount code for The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March. 

Maternity clothing – There is no denying that your body will change during pregnancy, and this pretty much guarantees that you will need some new clothes.  I love Pink Blush Maternity for their range and low prices. 

Perineal support – I personally prepare for labour with some perineal massage using a perennial oil blend towards the end of pregnancy.  Perennial massage has been known to reduce the chance of perineal tearing during labour, have a google and see what you think.   

Supplements – I recommend booking an appointment with a naturopath prior to conception, to help make sure your body is being nutritionally supported, plus, they can recommend suitable supplements. I have been using the NutraCare Pregma Plus which can support you through every stage of pregnancy, right through to breastfeeding.

Hot and cold packs – Packs that can be cooled and heated can be great for soothing tender swollen breasts. For this I recommend Body Ice from The Memo. This Maternity Pack comes with two comfy breast pads, a perineum strip and disposable sleeves. I’ll be packing these in my hospital bag too! Discount code for The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March. 

Sanitary items – These are an essential item for your handbag at the end of your pregnancy, perfect for if your waters break in public.  I chose The Maternity Started Kit from The Memo. Discount code for The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March. 

Invest in you – Be sure to invest in some time to yourself before baby comes, for me this means a monthly pregnancy massage moving to weekly as I get closer to my due date. My other favourite thing to do is to run a warm bath and use The Baby Mumma Kit from Frank Body.  It contains an Original Coffee Scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub, Express-o Coffee Scrub, tote bag and a reusable box. I find a beautiful bath and scrub is just about the best sort of self care. Discount code for Frank Body – SWEETLIFE15 – 15% storewide until 10th May.

Discount codes – 
The Memo – THIS SWEET LIFE – 10% off storewide until end March. 
Modibodi – NOPANICPERIOD15 – 15% off storewide until 24th March.
Frank Body – SWEETLIFE15 – 15% storewide until 10th May. 
Hello Fern australia – Sweetlife10 – 10% off storewide.

Happy pregnancy prepping beautiful Mama, I am so excited for you and your little bundle.   

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  #sweetlifeessentials when sharing your beautiful products and pregnancy journey on Instagram.

Lot of love,

Disclaimer –  As always please remember that I am not a midwife, lactation consult, doctor or any other medical expert. I am just a Mother expressing her journey and opinions in a hope that is helps you along yours. At times this website contains posts where items and experiences have been sponsored, gifted or blog posts have been paid for in return for advertisement/promotion.  Where this applies it will be clearly stated at the bottom of the blog post. Natalie Sullivan and only endorses brands/items that her family uses, loves and highly recommends. To read the full disclaimer see here. Thank you to the following brands for working with me on this post: Grow Bright, Hello Fern, Frank, The Memo and Amazonia.