Are you staying accountable to your 2020 goals?

So we are already a month into 2020, almost 31 days infact. That’s 31 days to realise, establish and start smashing your goals. But have you? Have you committed? Have you stayed on track? Have your honoured the commitment you made to yourself to make the change? Have you honoured the promise you made to yourself to achieve your goals?

Sticking to goals isn’t an easy task. You need to have a plan, you need a system in place. You MUST take actionable steps to work towards your dreams.

I’m not perfect. Sure I am on my way to achieving most of my goals but others I am way off track, or haven’t even started yet. This blog post is a big check in for me, as much as it should be for you!

If you haven’t even set your 2020 goals yet I recommend you have a read of my blog post How to bring in the new year and new decade! where I give you my favourite tips and tricks to setting your goals.

For those who have started but need an extra boost, here are some ways to keep yourself accountable to YOUR 2020 goals.

1. Make sure you have your goals written down and displayed in a place where you can constantly see them. This might be as a list that you can read over every morning, or in a vision board. Either way it is essential to check in with your goals every day and go over them. This takes me one minute each morning.

2. Schedule goal reviews into your calendar, every two to four weeks. This should be a half an hour session where you assess where you are at on your way to achieving your goals, changes you need to make to your systems and a moment to reward yourself for any goals you have achieved.

3. Check in with your partner or a friend to see how they think you’re going. This is called an accountability partner. Offer to help them stay accountable to their goals too!

4. Be brutally honest with yourself when reviewing your goals.

5. If your goals require a action plan schedule it in your diary and commit.

6. If your goal seems too big, or too far to reach, break it down into daily or weekly micro goals that when all added together make you to reach your end goal.

7. Know why you chose this goal and if it means something to you. Remove goals that you are longer aligned to. Why have a goal if you don’t even want it anymore?

8. Educate yourself on your goal and become an expert in what it means to you. Think about how it would feel to have achieved your goal. How much happiness and fulfilment would it bring you?

9. Recognise self sabotage and how to overcome it. Ask yourself why you are self sabotaging.

10. Celebrate your achievements whenever you reach one of your goals. Sometimes we focus so much on getting to the goal that we don’t even recognise our accomplishments.

11. Turn your goals into daily habits so that they don’t seem like hard work at all.

I would LOVE to hear your goals. If you are willing to share one with me, please reach out on Instagram via dm and I would to happy to support you in it, and to help you to stay accountable. Tag me in a story of you achieving your goals or working towards them.

Now… my number one tip to having a great morning, and getting the children out the door in time!… I use my notes section on my iPhone. There is a small circle with a tick in the middle which allows you to create dot points that can be ticked off. Just like a check list! I have every single task I need to achieve in the morning written out as a point, from waking up to the time I need to be driving out my driveway. I get up before my children so I can achieve the goals I want to for myself without loosing focus. Then I concentrate on giving them a happy, organised and stress free morning… and myself. I started this on January 1st and our morning have never been better!

Here’s my morning schedule…

Good luck with your goals and love always!