How to Create a Christmas Eve Box

What is a Christmas Eve Box? The night before Christmas can be just as much fun as Christmas Day! Typically, a Christmas Eve Box contains treats, a small toy and novelty items for children to enjoy on Christmas Eve. It is common to create a box for each child or a family box which can be enjoyed between siblings. I actually give my children their Christmas box on first December, so they can enjoy their new goodies for the whole month.

Here are some ideas of what I include in my children’s Christmas Eve box….

  1. Christmas pyjamas
  2. Christmas memory games
  3. Small soft toy
  4. Christmas mug
  5. Hot chocolate and marshmellows
  6. Christmas cookie
  7. Christmas cookie
  8. Christmas activity
  9. Christmas decoration
  10. Christmas book

For all the details of the exact products that I include in my Christmas boxes, download of Christmas gift guide here.