20 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

With more reasons to stay home then ever, I have come up with 20 ways to celebrate Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day without leaving your house!

Have fun with your loved one…

1. Have an indoor picnic.
2. Enjoy chocolate fondue for dinner.
3. Have a cocktail night.
4. Relax with a movie marathon.
5. Create your own cooking class using You Tube vidoes.
6. Have a quiz night.
7. Paint together.
8. Indulge with breakfast in bed.
9. Have a make your own pizza night. 
10. Cuddle up with a fire pit in the backyard.
11. Create an in home spa.
12. Netflix and chill.
13. Set up a Mexican taco and margarita bar.
14. Plan a board game night.
15. Learn to dance via YouTube.
16. Spend time planning a future vacation.
17. Have a video game marathon.
18. Create a scrapbook together.
19. Read a book together.
20. Get dressed up and cook a three course dinner.