CryoSkin a Natural Botox

When I first heard about CryoSkin and Cryo Facials I was immediately drawn to the idea of this natural alternative to Botox. I am not saying I won’t ever try injectables, but I have always been more inclined to stick with natural skin enhancements over something artificial. This is where Flocryo, comes in…

Flocryo are in Bokarina on the Sunshine Coast. Not only do they offer Cryo Facials, but also other services focused on natural ways to provide care for chronic pain and injury recovery, aid in peak performance and anti-ageing solutions. 

It is no secret that humans have been harnessing the benefits of the cold for years, from plunge pools to cold showers and ice baths. Cryo Facial works by applying a wand with cold (-6 degrees) to the face and neck, using a special massage technique. This results in bringing blood flow to the surface of the skin, lifting and tightening, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells, boosting collagen, improving skin elasticity, and minimising pores. It is commonly used to give the look of a face/neck lift, eliminate a double chin, and leave the face appearing fresher and younger. 

Cryo Facials aren’t just anti-ageing, they are also recommended to treat skin issues like sensitive skin, dermatitis, and rosacea, as the cold helps to reduce inflammation and redness. 

The whole treatment takes about half an hour, and I found it to be incredibly relaxing, especially when the wand was motioned back and forth along my forehead. 

The effects of a Cryo Facial are not permanent as the skin naturally ages, so it is recommended to have one session a week for five weeks, then monthly after that. You will be able to tell from your own skin how regularly you need to attend to maintain good results. Flocryo offers packages and treatment plans to suit everyone.

Side view of my results: Left before, right after.

Front view of my results: Left before, right after.

Red Light Therapy is another treatment offered at Flocryo which I enjoyed the benefit of and was able to combine with my CryoFacial. I have been a long-time lover of light therapy, and what I really like about theirs is that it is a whole-body experience, meaning whole body benefits. Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective natural skin treatments available, which can be used for wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing injuries & scars.
Here are ten of the most studied and well-documented health benefits of LED light therapy which I found when researching this treatment.
• Stimulated natural melatonin production for healthier sleep
• Improved skin tone and complexion
• More natural production of collagen and elastin
• Improved appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks
• Reduced acne, rosacea, and eczema
• Enhanced muscle recovery and physical performance
• Reduced joint pain and inflammation
• Increased circulation
• Faster healing of wounds and injuries
• Helps cut fat and manage obesity

This is a great add on to your Cryo Facial or have it as a treatment in itself. 

On my most recent visit to Flocryo I jumped into their CryoCabin and was so excited after hearing about the amazing benefits of its sub-zero temperature. If you haven’t heard of a CryoCabin, before is a Whole Body Cryo Therapy machine. The cabin uses a system to cool the space down to -130 degrees which then triggers many of your body systems. Your blood is cleansed of toxins and inflammatory properties, then supercharged with nutrients, enzymes, and oxygen. All this aids in fighting inflammation, repairing muscle tissue and boosting energy levels. Not only do you feel exhilarated walking out of Flocryo but the benefits last. You continue to feel rejuvenated, your recovery time from exercise diminishes, your pain subsides, and your sports performance is increased. All of this in only three minutes of treatment time, it is no wonder people are getting addicted to it! 

But wait… there are even more treatments available at Flocryo that you need to check out! You can contact them via the details on their website or visit them at the Sports Hub in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.