The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Summer Bucket List

Summer has finally arrived! Although, here in Queensland it almost feels like it never left us! This is the perfect time for outdoor adventures, sunny activities and so much more! The best way to make sure that you don’t miss a thing this summer, is to create a ‘Summer Bucket List!’ So, it’s time to grab your little ones, sit down after dinner and write out your own ultimate to do list for summer.

We’ve done ours and hope that it gives you a bit of inspiration for your own.

1. Have a picnic in nature
2. Watch a sunset at the beach
3. Fly a kite
4. Camp in the backyard
5. Stargaze
6. Play tag with all of the neighborhood kids
7. Run through sprinklers
8. Plant flowers or vegetables
9. Make and sell lemonade on your front lawn
10. Paint pet rocks
11. Ride your bike
12. Watch fireworks
13. Make a home Slip ‘N Slide
14. Explore as many local parks as you can
15. Have a water balloon fight
16. Play mini golf
17. Eat an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top
18. Draw with chalk on your driveway
19. Play in the rain
20. Collect seashells
21. Wash Mum and Dad’s car by hand.
22. Chase bubbles
23. Build a sand castle city
24. Roast marshmallows
25. Play Marco Polo in the pool
26. Go on a nature walk
27. Make homemade ice cream or ivy poles
28. Have a dance party
29. Do a random act of kindness
30. Have a movie night
31. Have a nature scavenger hunt
32. Write a letter
33. Build a fairy garden
34. Go to an amusement park
35. Go bowling
36. Play a new board or card game
37. Volunteer as a family
38. Do a science experiment
39. Create a recipe
40. Try a new fruit or vegetables