Our Family Adventure to Fraser Island with Expedia Explorers Journal

Without a doubt my favourite thing to do as a family is to travel, explore and see the world.  It is something that I have been lucky enough to enjoy since I was only five weeks old, when my parents took me on my first overseas adventure.  Since then travel has been a huge part of my life, I have journeyed to almost 40 countries, and many I have returned to multiple times. 

My sense of adventure and love of travel is something that I hope to pass onto my three children.  My wish for them is that they live lives experiencing all that the world has to offer; diverse in culture, enjoying nature and feeling free to relish it all. 

I start conversations with them about travel regularly, by talking about places we have been to in the past and would like to experience in the future. Recently I came across the Expedia Explorers Journal, an adventure journal to help children tap into their ‘Vacation State of Mind.’ This free downloadable is jammed packed with activities to help children to remember past trips, and plan (or dream) about future travel. Ari and Chloe have been filling their journals out at home and it has been sparking some interesting conversation. I have really loved hearing them reflect on past holidays we have had, learn about places around the world and use their journals as a way to plan for upcoming trips we have.

In 2020 we have had more time to travel within our own state of Queensland, and recently returned from a fun filled, family adventure to Fraser Island.  Ari and Chloe used their Expedia Explorers Journal to get excited about and plot their holiday.  Using the ‘Let’s Go’ pages of the journal, we talked and wrote about interesting things we were learning about Fraser Island, like the fact that it is the largest sand island in the world.   The journals are not all serious though, and Ari’s favourite discussion about the silly things he was learning in our conversations.  We also talked about who was going on our trip with us, how we would get there and what we would need to pack. 

Anyone who has ever gone on a family trip knows how they help us to bond and come closer together.  This is why I love to travel with my family so much.  It is a time where we can focus on one another without the distractions of work and home life.  Experiencing the wonder of the world through children’s eyes, put simply, is the most beautiful thing.  Whether that be in discussion or physically going on a holiday.

I am very aware that my family has been blessed to be able to travel at all during 2020, with many stuck at home in isolation due to COVID 19.  Expedia Explorers Journal is the perfect imaginative tool for families to enjoy during such times, to use as a way to keep the wanderlust alive and explore the world from home.  They can discuss how they felt during previous travel, act as travel reporters and interview family members, or go on adventures at home and dream about the travel they will enjoy once isolation is over.  All of the activities within the FREE downloadable journal can be thoroughly enjoyed without leaving the home. 

You can download Expedia Explorers Journal FREE from their website.


DAY 1 –

We arrived on Fraser Island at 10am after taking the barge from Inskip Point.  We own a 4WD ute, so this was our mode of transport for the weekend.  Once we hit the sand, we drove up the east coast to Lake Wabby and the Hammerstone Sandblow.  After a 2.3km walk through the Great Sandy National Park we arrived at this small, freshwater, green coloured lake.  Lake Wabby is one of the few lakes on Fraser Island that provides a habitat for fish. It was quite a big walk with three children on our backs, but was well worth the hike.  The Hammerstone Sandblow is spectacular and makes you feel like you are on another planet.   

After heading to our self-contained apartment and checking in, we drove further up the east coast to the famous Eli Creek, to float down it’s waters.  Eli Creek is a very popular picnic and swimming spot, with a boardwalk that follows the creek inland through banksia and pandanus trees.  From here you can swim or float down the creek’s swiftly flowing water.  The children loved drifting down stream in their new floaties so much that we did it three times! 


On our second day we ventured to Lake Mackenzie which is also located in the Great Sandy National Park.  To get there we had to go back down the east coast and then inland.  The Lake is 1,200 metres long and up to 930 metres wide.  The sand around the lake is formed of pure, white silica and the water is crystal clear, it is like nothing I have seen before.   We spent all day here watching the children play in the water.  Lake Mackenzie is my favourite place on the island.


For our final day we headed up the East Coast of Fraser Island to the Champagne pools, one of the most unique natural attractions on the island.  Here we found sandy swimming holes, right on the edge of the ocean, which are filled up with water with every wave that crashes into them.  Ari and Chloe were absolutely thrilled by the waves, pools and the fish living inside of them. 

After our swim we set up the gazebo and spent the rest of the day enjoying a long picnic lunch on 75 Mile Beach, just below the coastal headland called Indian Head. 

To start exploring the world with your children download the FREE Expedia Explorers Journal here. Or for those ready to start physically exploring, Expedia makes trip planning and booking so much easier. With all your travel needs in once place, book your flight, hotel and activities with Expedia.


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