How To Dress Your Postpartum Body

Isn’t it funny how giddy we get when we first set eyes on our noticeably growing baby bump, yet the pouch we are left with once our baby exits our uterus doesn’t look so sweet. No one seems to talk about the fact that the baby bump that we once loved doesn’t automatically leave us when the baby does. It seems to hang around for weeks, sometimes even months making us appear to be six months pregnant. Not so cute and exciting now right?! Not to mention the engorged baby feeders, leaking milk and sore nipples.

The number one goal of postpartum dressing should be to avoid your older children asking ‘Are you having another baby Mummy?” (That one will be etched into my mind forever, thank you Chloe.)

Over the past five years I have learned a thing or two about post pregnancy dressing and I am going to share with you my favorite outfit styles and clothing stores. Just remember that it can take months for your uterus to return to it’s pre-baby size so don’t pressure yourself into having a flat tummy anytime soon. Be kind and gentle with your body, take things slow, and in the meantime use my tips to feel fabulous whilst your body recovers.

(Click on the store names, they are all linked for your convenience.)

Buttoned Dresses – By far one of the most convenient pieces of clothing to wear when breastfeeding a baby would have to be a buttoned down dress. The buttons give you easy access to be able to feed your baby when on the go. Left to right – Maive and Bo, Legoe Heritage, The Self Styler, The Self Styler.

High Waist Skirts – Paired with a simple t shirt, high waist skirts really draw you in at your smallest part. Both top and skirt by Maive and Bo. I love this casual look.

Loose Dresses – Ones which skim over your new pouch, discretely covering it. Added bonus if they also draw you in at the waist with something like a tie. Left to right – Proud Poppy, Proud Poppy, The Self Styler.

Comfort – You can’t beat a feeding friendly singlet or dress for comfort. Choose a soft fabric that feels great on your skin. All by Top Secret Maternity.

Sneaky Access –
Access to feed doesn’t have to be obvious, a lot of feeding friendly clothing brands pop a zip down the side of the garment. All by Legoe Heritage.

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My biggest piece of advice for post postpartum dressing, is to wear your new shape with a smile. Nothing beats bringing new life into this world and you have your amazing body to thank for that. Enjoy those baby cuddles, be proud of yourself and you will radiate the best kind of confidence. There is plenty of time to work on the rest.

Lots of love,