The Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Nappy Bag Essentials Guide

Leaving the house with a small baby can be a daunting and stressful task, especially for new Mamas who have’t done it before. You never know what situation the day might bring right down to epic poo explosions! Having your bag always packed and ready to go is a huge help when you are walking out the door. Personally I restock mine every time I come home. The essentials needed for your nappy bag can vary depending on the age of your child. So, here is my ‘Ultimate Sweet Life Nappy Bag Essentials Guide,’ where below you will find a list of my must have items, to help you feel confident and at ease every time you leave the house with your precious baby. Below I explain each item in detail and why I think you need it in your bag. I have also included an Ultimate ‘Sweet Life’ Nappy Bag Essentials Check List which you can download, print off and tick off, as you purchase for or pack your nappy bag. The checklist is much more concise and serves as your practical guide to covering all the essentials, but if you are interested in reading all about why I love each product then read on below.

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Essentials for baby –
Nappy bag – I choose a nappy bag that has lots of pockets, can be wiped clean and one that has both a shoulder and cross body strap. As my children get older and we don’t use a pram so much I like to use a back pack style nappy bag. The Stork Nest has the best selection of nappy bags and backpacks available. I am currently using the Skip Hop Curve Satchel and couldn’t be happier. The Stork Nest is an incredible online store that covers all of your baby needs. I have a really great 15% off discount code that yo can use throughout SWEETLIFE.

Nappies – As a guide I like to have six nappies in my bag when I start the day. I try to chose nappies that are gentle on the environment.

Wipes – Taking a half full pack is always a good idea so that the weight is a little lighter. Again I like to stay environmentally conscious with my choices.

Disposable change mats (if nappy bag doesn’t include one) – Many baby bags will include one, but if yours doesn’t be sure to stock up.

Disposable dirty nappy bags – Not just great for dirty nappies, but dirty clothing too.

Nappy cream – Pick up a travel size or sample for your nappy bag.

Hand sanitiser – An essential if there are no bathroom facilities around for washing hands.

Blanket – Look for something soft and light weight. I love Purebaby.

Beanie hat – An essential for tiny heads that are not accustom to the outside world, particularly in winter though you’ll often need one in summer too when in air conditioning. Purebaby have a beautiful range.

Sun hat – I use Rosie’s summer hat all of the time, even though its winter, to keep the sun off of her face. She has the sweetest hat from Purebaby.

Hand mittens, socks and booties – It is important to keep those little hands and feet warm. Check out the beautiful range at Pure Baby. All of their products are made from soft organic fabrics.

Bibs – For keeping milk dribble from pooling on baby’s neck. Purebaby have some incredibly sweet designs.

Muslin wrap – An essential for so many reasons, they can be used as a light blanket, burp cloth or tp the swaddle baby up to sleep. Pure Baby have a wonderful selection of boys,girls and unisex swaddles.

Spare outfits – This is definitely something you won’t want to forget! Watch out for nappy explosions, vomit and all of those lovely things. For little babies I like to pack some soft vests and zip suits. Have a look at my checklist for full details as well as Purebaby for the best quality clothing.

Dummy (if using) – You would hate to forget baby’s soother! I recommend always having a backup in your bag.

Suncream – Something with a high SPF but that is organic, natural and gentle on baby’s skin.

Small toy – Choose something lightweight yet entertaining.

Bottle (if using) – Like with the dummy always keep a spare bottle on you. You can pre fill your boiled water or breast milk and store in an insulated bottle holder which often come with baby bags.

Formula (if using) – Store a small amount in a powder dispenser.

Essentials for Mum –  
Spare breast pads
Snack for you 
Drink bottle for you 
Lip gloss

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