Boy or girl? 11 gender reveal ideas you’ll love.

Pink or boy? It doesn’t really matter right? All anybody wants is a healthy baby, but my gosh finding out can be SO FUN!

Creative gender reveals have become more and more popular over recent years. If you’re planing a gender reveal check out my list below, of poplar ideas on how you can find out the sex of your little darling. I have also included my own gender reveals for my three babies.

1. Cut a cake and inside will be pink or boy filling.

2. Gender reveal box filled with pink or blue balloons inside.

3. Pop a balloon and coloured confetti in pink or blue will sparkle everywhere. Instead of popping one, try doing five with only one filled with the coloured confetti. Think of the anticipation!

4. Organise a photo shoot once you have found out the gender yourself. Use the images to tell friends and family. We did this when I was pregnant with Ari!

5. Gender reveal piñata filled with pink or blue lollies.

6. Gender reveal confetti handed out at a reveal party. Get guests to count to three then sprinkle it all over you.

7. Gender reveal smoke bomb with a photographer to snap your reaction.

8. Balloon pull, which is similar to the reveal box, but you pull a cord from a box above your head and let the balloons scatter all over you.

9. Get a friend to find out the gender and go shopping for some baby clothes. Pop them in a box and open the gift with your partner.

10. Find out at the scan. We did this with our third pregnancy but it was a little different! We headed to Hello Baby 3D , on the Sunshine Coast, and used their unique lights which turn blue or pink depending on what you are having. We got everyone to close their eyes and on the count of three opened them to reveal pink! You can watch it here.

11. Go the traditional way and find out at the birth, this is what we did with Chloe!

How ever you find out the gender of your baby I hope that it is a magical moment for you.

Lots of love,