The best part of 2019… baby

The highlight of 2019 was finding out I was pregnant with baby number number three. I have always wanted three children and the fact that we are actually having a third baby is a dream come true!

It’s funny, for us our first baby was always a given, the second too because we both always wanted more then one. The third was a carefully thought out decision. This is certainly my most exciting pregnancy, simply because I just feel SO grateful that it’s happening. It was never a sure thing that we would have three so I feel incredibly grateful.

My husband Ryan and I were talking about it right up until two weeks before baby three was conceived. Once we made the decision to go for it, it happened very quickly. I have always been blessed with fast conception, however my downfall seems to be in the last days of pregnancy. I feel like there is generally a hiccup at some point and that’s mine, (but we will talk more about that later on in the pregnancy.)

Once I became pregnant, before I had tested, I experienced some horrific cramping. I thought for sure that my period was coming and that it was more painful than ever. With cramps current I waited and waited for my period to come. Then I began to test and got two negatives, so thought that my period must be coming soon… but then it didn’t.

I was all out of tests when I decided to try again, so after dropping Ari off at kindy I made a quick dash to the chemist, then ducked into the public loo with Chloe to try for the last time. I had been so convinced my period was looming that I really did expect those two pink lines to show, but they did!!

I waited until that night to tell Ryan, after he was home from work, and then retested again with him in the morning, and sure enough the same magical result!

From there we decided not to tell anyone that I was expecting. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt protective of my two children who were already here. I didn’t want Ari and Chloe to later down the track feel like they had been left out of the wider loop. I wanted to respect the fact that their lives would change more than anyone else’s, and make sure they knew that they were so important. Also knowing that I would share so much of the pregnancy down the track, I wanted to hold space for myself for the first couple of months and enjoy the news quietly ourselves.

I had three scans by 12 weeks pregnant, at 5, 8 and 12 weeks. At the 5 week scan there was no heart beat which is something I hadn’t experienced before. I had an early scan when pregnant with Chloe but her heart was already beating at this point. That definitely made me feel uneasy. So too did some blood that was found sitting between the two membranes of the sack the baby sits in. I was told that this made for a higher risk of a miscarriage, but that there was nothing to be done. It would either not be an issue or I would miscarry. Issues early in pregnancy isn’t something I had experienced before and there were days where I felt incredibly mixed. I didn’t know whether to let myself get excited, or feel completely reserved about the whole thing.

At the 12 week scan the blood was still seen but at this stage it has caused no issues. It will just be monitored at subsequent scans to make sure that it isn’t growing.

I have a lot to look forward to in this pregnancy and so much that I want to share. Still so many stories from the last few months that it will take me time to work through them. In 2020 I will be emailing fortnightly newsletters to my subscribers. The newsletters will include discount codes, current blog posts, fashion ideas and also a section for a fortnightly pregnancy update. So if you would like to keep up to date with the pregnancy make sure you subscribe. I will also be giving away two of my prints, from my book Remember Mama, every fortnight to one of my subscribers.

Thank you so much for your love and support, I am thrilled to be sharing my pregnancy journey with you. If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram.

Much love!