Traveling with Kids

One of the most common questions I get asked about traveling with kids is what do we give them to eat and drink.   I have had a lot of experience with feeding my little ones when overseas and at all different stages of their young lives.  Ari just turned 3 and has traveled to 10 countries, Chloe who is 17 months has done 7.  We started traveling with our eldest when he was 5 weeks old and have continued with holidays at least every 6 months since.

With every holiday the food and drink situation has been different because as we all know young children are constantly changing.  Personally, I have found the easiest time to travel and not worry about food is at 0-4/6 months when my children were exclusively breastfed.  Easy as, just whip the boob out whenever required on the bus, plane, tram, train, you name it.  Of course, those days are shortly numbered and now I find a lot more thought needs to go into my children’s dietary requirements.

My first point of call for food and milk (after breast milk) is Bubs Australia who offer a large range of said products.  Once my children have reached the age of purée I have always packed enough Bubs Organic Baby Pouches to cover the whole trip.  They are suitable for both 4+ and 6+ months and are simple to use when on the go.

Other great options are their rice cereal, oats, and porridge which can easily be mixed with breast milk (or alternative) and made into a yummy meal.  These are particularly lightweight which makes them great for packing.

Another product I love is their Barley Lactose-Free Toothy Rusks which are great for hand luggage as they are small to pack and great for keeping busy hands under control.

Once I have started to wean my children from breast milk onto alternative sources I have packed the Bubs Australia appropriate to their age.  I was fortunate enough to breastfeed both children to 12 months so I put them straight onto the Bubs Advanced Plus Toddler Goat Milk.  Being that they are both over 12 months this works great as they can both use the same product.

Bubs Australia believes “that if we can create a love of healthy organic food from the beginning, we will have built the foundations to last a lifetime.”  Their products are certified organic, Australian made and owned, carbon neutral and are BPA free.   AND they’ve certainly made life easier for this traveling tribe!Small-Signature-Nat

For more information on Bubs Australia click here or to follow them on Instagram click here.  #bubspartner

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