Bringing Baby – Surviving Airports & Planes

Seeing the world has always been one of my greatest passions and I was never going to let having children dim my sense of adventure.  Better still it was always in the plan to gift them with the same wanderlust that fills my veins.  Having babies certainly changes the dynamic when it comes to going aboard.  Holidays aren’t really ‘holidays’ anymore. The word ‘relaxing’ doesn’t really spring to mind.  BUT for all the hard work our vacations are now filled with more giggles, happy faces and so much more joy!

Now by no means do I claim to be a pro when it comes to holidaying with minis but I have been ‘bringing baby,’ since my eldest was 9 weeks old.  I’ve picked up a few tricks and tips when it comes to airports and plane travel so read on to learn from my miss fortune.  If you would like to check out our travelling adventures search the tag #thissweettravellife on Instagram.

  1. Feed on the way up and the way down whether it’s boob, bottle (or vodka for Mum) it will help bub’s ears.
  2. As with the above a dummy or natural sugar free lollypop will help.
  3. Pack pain relief in your carryon and make sure you have 100ml or smaller bottles. Pop in some hand sanitizer too.
  4. Book a bassinet seat if you can.  Even if you don’t think you’ll use the bassinet your legs will benefit from the extra leg room.
  5. Book meals.  Puréed food can even be provided for babies.
  6. Try to stick to your normal routine and if possible chose flights that work in with it. When on the plane just follow what you would normally do at home in terms of meals and bedtime routines.  Use the same sleep associations like sleep suits, PJs, special teddy bears and brushing teeth etc.
  7. Pack toys and fun things to do.  Games that will occupy their minds for as long as possible but that are also quiet and simple (not bulky.)  We always wrap new toys in wrapping paper and dish them out slowly.
  8. Pack plenty of nappy changing gear in your carry on, and take four more nappies then you think you’ll need.  Don’t forget pull ups for your toddler for bedtime.
  9. Toilet trained babes will enjoy lots of trips to the bathroom.
  10. If your kids like movies pack an iPhone or iPad stocked with all their favourites. You can be children’s headphones from electronics stores.
  11. Take your baby carrier as carry on.  Worst case if bub won’t sleep or is unsettled you can try pacing the aisles.
  12. Lollipops are great for keeping chatty mouths quiet.  Just make sure you get natural, sugar free ones… no one needs a hyped up toddler on a plane.
  13. Take your pram to the gate if permitted and if your airline asks you to hand it over at check in ask for a loan one.
  14. If you can fill out any customs paperwork in advance.
  15. Even though food is provided pack a whole load of snacks in your carry on.
  16. Dress everyone in comfy clothes and pack backups even for Mum and Dad!  Poop, weee, vomit… do I need to say more?
  17. We use a backpack as our carry on bag.
  18. Allow lots of time!  We all know it takes forever to get anywhere with tiny feet!
  19. Be realistic. The worst thing you can do is go onto a flight with the idea that you are going to be able to kick back and enjoy a movie marathon… you will whind up feeling extremely frustrated.  Look at it as quality time with your children with no distractions and if you get to watch a movie or two then great!
  20. And if all else fails there’s always that vodka!

For more useful tips, tricks search and follow the tag #thatsweettravellife on Instagram.

Here are some of my best buys for travelling with children.

Plane Pal The ultimate sleep solution for planes turning an uncomfortable chair into a bed.

Cozigo Essential for babies still in plane bassinets it goes over the top creating a dark, cosy environment and can even be used on prams.

Idabee by Eiress Dummy Chain – Must have for keeping dummies off of dirty floors!

Reed and Co Bento Style Lunch Boxes – Perfect for keeping bubs happy with yummy snacks!

Very Busy Bag – The perfect bag of tricks to keep active minds busy when travelling.

Thanks for reading!  Here’s hoping that your next vacation has been made a little easier!


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