15 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pre Mama Self…

Oh hey there you! Bright eyed, plump skin, zero bags, hair brushed, clean clothes you! Firstly you look GREAT! Secondly I just wanted to let you know a few things before you get started on the whole having a baby or two situations. So listen up…

  1. It’s going to take what feels like a million years to leave the house every morning but try to not get frustrated.
  2. You’re going to be a GREAT Mum. Sure you will doubt yourself and yes sometimes you will fail, but you’ll ALWAYS be a great Mum.
  3. They say it takes 5-7 compliments to balance the negative effects of one criticism, so be KIND to yourself.
  4. Always follow your gut over other people’s opinions.
  5. Your Mother doesn’t always know best, but most of the time she does.
  6. Stay in bed. Stay in the bed for as long as you can. Eat breakfast in there, drink tea, watch movies, eat lunch and dinner in there! One day you’ll long to just stay in bed.
  7. Don’t spend the start second pregnancy guilt tripping yourself because you decided on a close age gap. The kids will love it and no Ari won’t miss out so cut yourself some slack.
  8. Yes you can have it all.
  9. Don’t overpack. Seriously. To the beach, to the supermarket, on holiday. Babies actually don’t need a lot and you’ll drive your husband crazy. Less is more.
  10. Let yourself cry and don’t overthink it. Sometimes it just feels good to cry.
  11. You’ll find yourself saying no more then you hoped.
  12. Some days you’ll feel super touched out. You’re an affection person so this will take you by surprise but some days you’ll just want to be alone.
  13. Yes you will still see the world. No it would be the same. It will be busier, tiring and won’t feel like a holiday but it will be full of more laughs and more memories.
  14. Learn to compromise with your husband. You are two people raising the same children, you both need to meet in the middle. Oh and be prepared to love him more and more especially when he does the 11pm feed.
  15. You think that you are living your best life now but darling it hasn’t even begun. Get ready for your heart to explored with more love then you know possible.