Little Miss Chatterbox

SO my Mum always told me that from the day I was born I never shut up… apparently I was some kind of nocturnal devil child who wouldn’t stop screaming from the moment she popped out. As a toddler I used to yell “Mummmmmmyyyyy” so loud that my voice used to reach some completely unnatural decible and I would literally loose it. In my first school report my teacher wrote “If only Natalie was a little more quiet she might be able to apply herself a little better.”

So being that I am a natural born chatterbox who has only a baby and a toddler to talk to all day, I do tend to go slightly insane some days.  So this blogs serves as an outlet for me to get everything off of my chest so that hopefully I can stop inundating my husband with every ” if, but, when, what, this, that, chitter, chatter, blah, blah” the moment he walks in the door.


Also I have this thing called ‘confidence issues’ where by I basically feel like I can’t do anything on my own. I find it easy to just hide behind my husband and my children but as everyone knows it is important to have things of your own… so this is mine.  🙂

So so here I am.. pen to paper, finger tip to iPhone screen writing my very first blog post…

Whoever you are reading this I want you to know that I am so grateful that you are here.

With love,