Let’s get back to school!

With a new school year upon us (and some having already started back,) I have been preparing all the things to get us ready for a successful 2022 in education.  

Here are my top 16 tips for preparing for back to school (or the start off school if it’s your little ones first year.)

  • Name labels for all the things.  This year I purchased labels from Hippo Blue.
  • Organise your calendar.  I like to keep one on my phone and one in the house.  Siisti is my favourite.  
  • Make a list of all the school and activity bags you need to load into the car each day.  You can include things like library books.  Pop this list on a wall near your garage door to check every day.  I like to load my car the night before.
  • Get a ‘routine helper’ to assist in fostering independence before and after school.  It is so great if you can get your children taking responsibility some of the load.  I love Second Scout.
  • Purchase draw string bags to hold all the things for swimming and after school activities.  I love Penny Scallan Designs.
  • Stock up on lunch boxes and water bottles from BBox.  I get two of everything so I can prepare the lunch for the next day when they are at school. You can use my discount code NAT20 for a fantastic discount.
  • Get a bright and colourful keyring to attach to school bags to help them stand out in a sea of bags. 
  • Create a homework station at home with everything you need to get stuck into schoolwork of an evening. 
  • Get fitted for new school shoes or shine up old ones.
  • Purchase new school uniforms if their old ones have been outgrown. Iron and prepare the uniforms. 
  • Plan for nutritious lunchboxes. You can save ideas on Pinterest or have a look on Google. 
  • Book in a haircut. 
  • Get ready for the first day of school the night before.  Continue this throughout the school year. 
  • Create a folder to handle all the school paperwork.
  • Browse the school’s website and Facebook etc to make sure you haven’t missed any important mentions.  
  • Get to know your school village. 
  • Foster positive conversations around the beginning of a new school year or start of schooling.  

Always remember that there is a great support system around you, should you need any help reach out to the school or fellow school parents.