Change your meals, change your life –

I have something truly life changing to share, but before I start here’s a special gift I’d like to give you! Head here and use the code LOVENAT to receive $35 off this tasty treat!

Oh, and I highly recommend sending this blog post to your husband, read on to find out why…

One for the busy Mamas –

As a Mother to two young children, I know all too well the struggles we share in our busy lives.  With the daycare drop offs, school pickups, lunches to pack, cleaning, preparing meals, working a job, the list goes on and our responsibilities are endless.

I am also a huge advocate for outsourcing jobs by sticking to our strengths and identifying my weaknesses, and then handballing the tasks that don’t work for me. It’s also ok to ask for help! Grocery shopping and food prep is a huge one here and everyone knows that I love to meal plan. I recognise the number of hours that can be saved and better spent with my family. I find as a mother I am always doing the other ‘stuff’ in life and rarely get to be the one enjoying time with my kiddies. Most mums can relate to watching everyone else play and have fun, while they are busy doing everything else. With that said I’m always grateful for anyone who will step in and take a task off my hands.

When hubby saves the day!

My husband Ryan and I are big supporters of HelloFresh, in fact we have ordered, received and cooked over 600 of their meals! Since then I don’t think I could go back, mainly because now Ryan can now cook an edible meal for those days when I am spread out in 50 different directions! Last week he knew I had a busy one coming up, so he ordered a HelloFresh box. He planned and cooked all our dinners… AMAZING!! I had so much to do finalising blog posts that I was up until 11pm every night, so the fact that he could prepare dinners for me from start to finish without so much as needing to ask where an ingredient was made life so much easier. There’s nothing quite like a man who can cook, and that kind gesture just blew me away! Hubba hubba! 😍

Here’s what Ryan cooked up for me –

Ryan was able to cook up three incredible meals for which I was so grateful – keeping us both away from the sneaky take-outs! Check him out in action!

My favourite meal was the Mexican Black Bean Chilli and Ryan’s was the Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

I was SO impressed!

Honestly, I LOVE Ryan’s cooking! Every meal was so delicious, and I think the fact that he had cooked them made them taste even better… he even did the dishes! Just when I thought my week was going to be a total disaster, the fact that he stepped in with this small, but such kind gesture completely lifted my spirits. Positive acts of kindness really do start in the home. There can be SO much joy found in cooking and food… especially if something does it for you out of LOVE!

Here’s why we are so grateful for HelloFresh

 HelloFresh is extremely easy to order, and can be done from a simple app. There are options for both meat eaters and vegetarians, so that everyone is happy!  You can also choose different sizes of boxes to suit how many people are in your family, (also considering if you would like to have leftovers like us.)  Each week the menu is different, and we have found that there is very rarely a double up.

Once you have selected your menu for the week, HelloFresh goes ahead with packing your order and delivering it out to your home. Perishable items are packed in a coolpack so that if you are at work the food will be fine until you return. The subscription can be setup to be ongoing so that you don’t even have to think about it until the boxes arrive at your door each week, and all you need to do is to decide which tasty option to prepare first. All the meals are very child friendly, and I have found that our kiddies have really enjoyed the majority of recipes. When we first started HelloFresh we ordered the classic box, however we recently switched to the vegetarian box as our diet changed. Making this lifestyle change was so much easier because of HelloFresh and its vegetarian options. Oh, and all the packaging is recyclable which is important to me.

HelloFresh saved our week!

To me, HelloFresh is a no brainer and our family highly recommends it… if you can get someone to cook it for you then even better! It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys fresh meals, continual variety and the convince of having this all delivered to their door in perfect portions, ready to be cooked. I was so happy that Ryan took on the meals for the week and tackled them like a pro! Each meal looked and tasted like restaurant quality!

Try it for yourself!

Click here and use the code LOVENAT to receive $35 off, then get someone to cook it for you…. Tell them how grateful you’ll be!