Recently I was inspired by a collaboration with Me and Mini to write a blog post about feeling good! Feeling good sounds simple right?  How hard can it be to feel good!  With the stresses of the modern day world, the pressures we/other put on us, challenges of parenthood… turns out its pretty easy to get bogged down by life.

Even on our toughest days we can do things to help ourselves feel better. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways I make myself feel good and have put them into a list. 10 simple actions that you can bring into your life to make a positive change to your mood and outlook. Choose a couple that resonate with you and I guarantee you’ll feel good!

  1. PRACTISE GRATITUDE – Take a small note pad and leave it next to your bedside table.  Each morning when you wake up write down the three things that you are most grateful for today.  If your day starts off on a positive note (pun intended) you are off to a good start.
  2. GIVE MORE – Giving doesn’t need to mean money or a donation.  Of course they are always appreciated but giving can show itself in so many forms.  Give your time, your knowledge, your expertise, a shoulder to cry on, a kind word or even a smile.   Giving not only makes us feel happy but the recipient happy too.  We rise by lifting others!
  3. CONNECT WITH OTHER PEOPLE – In a world full of ways to connect it is so easy to feel disconnected.  Say yes when your friend invites you to coffee or a play date.  Pick up the phone and call your grandparents.  Get yourself an online pen pal or even an ‘Insta Bestie’ to vent to.  Whether connections are made in person, over the phone or online they are all valid.
  4. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – Taking care of yourself means a lot of different things.  Eating well, getting enough rest, exercising, drinking enough water.  Practise self care when you can but never pressure yourself.  All of these things are meant to make you feel good.  Choose the kinds of things (like exercise) that YOU like to do.  There isn’t a one size that fits all in life so be adaptable and keeping changing until you find what works for your happiness.
  5. DO THINGS WITH PURPOSE – Life is full of distractions especially in the online world.  Doing things with purpose and intent leads to feelings of success and happiness rather then guilt from time wasted.   With that said, if you do find that you wander off and get distracted don’t dwell on it, except that it happened and move on.  Be kind to yourself always.
  6. DO YOUR MOST DIFFICULT TASK FIRST – This one is a challenge that is easier said then done.  When you are planning your day have a look at your tasks and choose the most difficult one to start it with.  Starting your day with your most difficult task means that it can only get easier from there and you’ll be proud of yourself for nailing that tricky goal.
  7. REWARD YOURSELF – Rewarding yourself is fun.  Whether the reward is time spent alone, with family, a yummy treat or a material item.  If you have a tough day or complete a task that’s challenging treat yourself!
  8. THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS – You are beautiful like a rainbow.  Throw away negative thoughts about yourself.  About your looks, your weight, your achievements, something you did, whatever it is throw it away.  Recognise how you feel, how things could change or be done differently, and move on.  No dwelling on the past.
  9. CHOOSE YOUR TRIBE – Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine!Aside from yourself, your tribe is your biggest influence in life.  Choose wisely and know when a relationship has passed its expiry date.
  10. SET ACHEIVEABLE GOALS – Stop setting yourself unachievable goals.  Whether your goals are daily, weekly monthly or yearly.  Personally I am a shocker for setting myself way too many task to complete in a day.  Aim for the stars not for a fail.

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Me and Mini to design two tshirts which are now for sale.  “Stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine” and “You are beautiful like rainbow.” We designed these tshirts with the notion that we wanted people to feel good wearing them, and to promote happiness and positivity.  These prints are available for the whole family (Daddy included) and come in tshirts and singlets. Colours are black and white.

Purchase our collaborative Tshirts here.

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And now for 5 quick questions with Me and Mini!

Tell me a bit about Me and Mini. What you do and what you got started.
We are two mates who were blessed with 2 daughters around the same time 2 years ago. That shifted our interests from having a few drinks at the pub to coffee catch ups at the playground catchups. We’ve always had an interest in catchy, funky street fashion and wanted to share that interest with our daughters too. Soon enough, what started as a hobby of making catchy shirts for our princesses, generated enough interest from fellow parents that we decided to share our designs with everybody else through Me & Mini Clothing.
What does ‘feel good’ mean to you?
This changes all the time! At times, we catch ourselves thinking what a stressful day it has been with non-stop schedules of running a business, managing the household along with our respective wives. On top of that, trying to cram activities to keep our little ones entertained. But at the end of day, we reflect on what initially seemed like hectic-ness, actually fills our hearts with joy. This makes us feel good – loving what we do in all aspects of business and personal life.
Do you always ‘feel good?’
Not at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Especially in the age of Social Media, things happen so quickly that you rarely get to appreciate the “now”. It takes deliberate effort to appreciate the “now” and be grateful. Once we do that, it’s a guaranteed feel-good moment.
If you are feeling down is there something you do to make you ‘feel good?’
Taking a moment to take everything in and slowing it down just for a few minutes. There’s plenty to feel good about only if we take notice. Also, breathe!
When do you feel your best ?
Family time is always the best. It’s a double edged sword especially with handling spirited toddlers. It takes the most amount of patience and organisation yet also the most rewarding. When you hear “ I love you, daddy”, it’s the best feeling ever!
Lastly a HUGE thank you to Me and Mini for working with my family on this collaboration! It’s been a pleasure to get to know you more and we love supporting small, family businesses!