10 Steps to a Scandinavian Style Nursery

When it comes to building a nursery, it’s hard to match the minimalist appeal of Scandinavian decor. This clean, bright, and modern style is one of the best nursery themes out there! It values both form and function, helping us create practical and kid-friendly spaces.

Dreaming of a cosy, Nordic nursery for your little angel? I partnered with the Brisbane architects from Superdraft to help us all out! Here’s a quick guide on how you can get the look:

Build a Scandinavian style nursery like a pro…

STEP 1:  Go for clever, space-saving interior solutions.

The beauty of Scandinavian interiors starts with choosing the right furniture. Opt for straightforward pieces and simple shapes. Celebrate strong, straight, and clean lines.

Let’s say you’re shopping for a crib. To get the right look, go with cribs that feature linear and uncomplicated shapes and details. The same rule applies to other furniture and decor that you’re going to use in the nursery. Go for mid-century modern pieces — the ones with clean and organic lines, curves, and shapes.

Nordic design and daylight also go hand in hand. Open up your windows to get plenty of sun in the room. The right amount of natural light will ensure visual and thermal comfort. Use shades and curtains to block excess light from coming in. If you don’t have a direct source of natural light, consider borrowing it from the next room. Good interior lighting is a must too.

Exceptional lighting and furniture will help maximise the space, even if it’s a small one.

STEP 2: Choose a muted colour palette.

Black and white interiors are quintessentially Nordic. But, it’s not the only way to go. We recommend following muted colour palettes — those with lots of white and light grey. Consider having white walls with black, grey, and pale timber accents. Feel free to use the colours that you like. Kick in a bold, attractive shade of blue, pink, yellow, red etc. for that perfect touch.

STEP 3: Consider panelled walls.

Most Scandinavian homes have it. Wall panels feature no frivolity. Consider adding them to your nursery if you want repetitive vertical lines which remains appealing even when painted.

STEP 4: Go for soft decor

It’s a baby’s room. Make it cute, friendly, and cosy! Consider layering soft cushions and fabrics atop of your seats. Put stuffed animals and other playthings on display if fits the design you’re aiming. If not, stash it in a basket with the other toys. Don’t forget the pouffe! It has a lot of uses and it never fails to keep you comfortable while playing with your child

STEP 5: Play with texture

Texture is an unmissable ingredient of Scandinavian interiors. Opt for tactile materials such as wool blankets, high pile rugs, and hand-woven fabrics. Using sheepskin and cowhide rugs will work too.

STEP 6: Consider nordic-style storage

Storage is a must-have in every nursery. But, don’t go with the ordinary! Have something unique, quirky, and creative. Bespoke bookshelves, patterned fabric totes, hooks, and pegs will do.

STEP 7: Inject a playful pattern.

Polka dots, stripes, and patterns with kiddie icons such as hearts, animals, stars etc. work great in a Nordic nursery. Graphic prints and classic florals are fine too. Include them nicely in your design. You can have them on the wall and fabrics. If you don’t want the patterns to appear dominant, have them in small decor items like the bunting. Hang these mini-flags to decorate without adding too much clutter.

STEP 8: Add a dash of colour.

Having white interiors gives you room to play with colours in the kids’ rooms. Introduce colour into the room through your decor, furniture, and walls. Create a statement wall using paint. It will look good as long as everything adheres to the colour palette you’re following in your baby’s room.

STEP 9: Keep everything organised.

The room of a growing child becomes untidy as he/she grows up. Expect a storm of toys every single day. It’s hard to deal with this you’re a busy mom so you have to teach your older kids how to put away their stuff. Provide a child-friendly storage to make it easier for them. Consider having cabinets with low shelves, boxes with lids, and crates/baskets that you can slide under the table or the bed.

STEP 10: Make sure that it can support a growing kid.

Time flies fast. Soon, your baby will learn how to crawl, walk, and play. Think about the future when building a nursery for your baby. Make sure that it’s a safe space for a growing kid. Leave enough floor space so the both of you can play and practice crawling or walking in there.

Since Scandinavian design is simple, it’ll be easy to change the room when the child grows older. You can turn it into another functional space at home.


Superdraft is an award-winning team of architects, building designers, and other consultants related to construction industry. They have established offices in six major Australian cities (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, & Melbourne). Check out their Instagram if you want daily interior design tips that’s straight from their architects.

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